Coach Biki Singh – The Man Who Gave India It’s First IFBB Pro In Mens Physique

Junaid Kaliwala with Indian FlagWe all now the importance of coach in the field of sports, a good coach plays a very important role in the success (or failure) of an athlete. This is even more true in the field of bodybuilding where knowledge and experience plays a very important. A good coach guides the athlete in all aspects of the sport like diet, nutritional guidance workout program, contest preparation etc.  Also these guidance must be specific to your need, everybody is different and the coach needs to understand this. What worked for one person may not necessarily work for you. Its very difficult to find a coach that has knowledge in all these aspect of bodybuilding and one such coach is Biki Singh. Biki Singh him self is a bodybuilder who has competed in the past and has now  turned coach to help aspiring athletes reach their potential.

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As we know Juniad Kaliwala has made us all proud by becoming the first indian IFBB Pro in Mens Physique. However his coach – Biki Singh had a very important role to play in this victory. Biki has been training Junaid for a long time. He has been with Junaid during his NPC championships.  This is what Junaid Kaliwala had to say about his coach after turning pro :

A big Heartfelt Thank you to my brother , my friend , my coach , my motivator @bikisingh30 If someone deserves credit then it’s only you man. You have been a great support and all through with me in this entire journey.Junaid Kaliwal

In this video you will get a glimpse Biki Singh training Junaid

We truly thank Mr. Biki Singh to give us a chance to know about his experience and his journey. Read our exclusive conversation with this Pro Maker.

  • Please tell us about yourself

    My name is BIKRAMJIT Singh but I’m popularly known as Biki Singh. I am myself a bodybuilder who has competed in various NPC shows and won 7 titles in total recently in 2015 at Syracuse where i won my class heavyweight division. I am training under George Farah, while working with him I found out the basics of bodybuilding and nutrition which made me want to share my knowledge with fitness enthusiasts in India because I feel there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to fitness industry in India. So i started training young talents

    George Farah
    George Farah
  • Since when did you start working out ?

    Honestly if you were to ask me when did I first workout in a gym the answer would be around when I was 9 years old. I come from the family of wrestlers, my uncle actually used to fight in dangals and I used to mess around with him trying to learn new things. Always wanted to be in some kind of sport.

  • When did you decide to get into coaching and why ?

    As i already mentioned above it was only after working with George that I come to know that their is so much yet to be discovered when it comes to bodybuilding. I wanted to work with passionate individuals who I knew have the talent and just needed to be guided in the right direction.

  • Since when are you training Junaid Kaliwala ? when did you realise he has a potential to make it big ?

    I first saw Junaid in Sheru Classic 2013 in Pune where he won the title. I was always a great admirer of his work ethics. One day I randomly got a text from him on Facebook that he’s looking for someone to guide him and take him to next level. While working with him I realized that his no give up attitude is his biggest strength and he had the potential to make it big and make India proud on international stages.

  • Whats with your coaching / training speciality ?

    When it comes to coaching no one is Right and no one is wrong but they are all working in there own directions and everyone follows their own set of rules. I not only help the athlete to show physical improvements, but I try to also keep them mentally focused and relaxed. I always try to make sure that they are stress free because I know how hard it can be on your mind during those tough prep days which can directly affect your body’s growth.

  • Whats your message to youngster who are looking for quick results or shortcut ?

    I would just like to tell them that there is no magic pill that can get them huge or shredded overnight. Consistency is the key.

  • What’s the top mistake competitive bodybuilders make when preparing for a show?

    It varies from individual to individual. The most common mistake I think is when you start stressing out about the show and I already said this adversely affects your body. I have always believed that a healthy mind is a way to healthy body.

  • We know you specialize in taking competitive bodybuilders to the next level, but who’s your ideal client?

    My ideal client would be someone who is compliant hardworking and dedicated to the game. For example someone like Junaid who is open to new ideas.

  • How can people train under you ? How can they get in touch with you ?

    I have all kinds of clients from personal training to online diet plans. You can get in touch with through email

    Email : Or

    Instagram : @bikisingh30  Facebook: @biki.singh30

We would like to thank Biki Singh for helping India achieve its first IFBB pro in Men’s Physique and hope that we soon get to see more pro cards in future. Also the dream of seeing and Indian on the Olympia stage.

This is a very good opportunity for competitive athletes to get trained under the best and move to the next level.

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