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Bahubali Actor Prabhas Workout And Diet For A Six Pack Body


If there is anything other than cricket that has brought the nation together its Bahubali. People, no matter what the age, profession or race; are talking about this magnum opus that has shattered all the box office records without breaking a sweat. The man who played the legendary character Bahubali, Prabhas, has become a craze for men and women alike. …

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Best Indian foods to gain muscle mass and strength

Food to Gain Muscle Mass and Strength

The word lean has been trending the world of health and fitness. Every bodybuilding enthusiast is running behind adding a decent lean mass to his body. Well, having a health goal is great but running behind something without knowing about it is problematic in a way. While people are struggling to gain lean kilos, they still do not understand what …

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Top 5 Foods in India that are Great Sources of L-Glutamine

Top 5 Food for L Glutamine

Did you know that amino acids can do wonders? Yes, you heard it right. There are 23 amino acids, and each of them offers certain benefits by preventing and curing various diseases or health conditions starting from cold to memory loss. In addition, the chain of amino acids comprising oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and hydrogen play a key role for building …

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Top 10 Best Indian fishes or seafood rich in protein

Top 10 Indian Fish rich in Protein

Fishes have been an integral member of our food chain as far as the human history goes. With 97% of our planet under water, fishes were and are the most abundant resource for man and animal alike. The huge diversity, ease of availability and nutrient vitality are the three main reasons that fishes are a hit all across the globe. …

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10 Most Effective Fat Burning Indian Foods

Are you worried about your steadily rising weight? Is your shaky belly making you feel embarrassed? If you no longer fit into your clothes and you are looking for a way to shed those extra kilos then you have come to the right place. Today, you will hit the health jackpot when we will talk about the easiest way to …

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