Diet Plans

10 Most Effective Fat Burning Indian Foods

Are you worried about your steadily rising weight? Is your shaky belly making you feel embarrassed? If you no longer fit into your clothes and you are looking for a way to shed those extra kilos then you have come to the right place. Today, you will hit the health jackpot when we will talk about the easiest way to …

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10 Best Indian Healthy Chicken Recipes

The profession of bodybuilding cannot be tamed successfully without following a healthy and nutritious diet. As we all know, when it comes to bodybuilding, protein is the most essential nutrient. It is required by the body for the development of muscles. Not only this, protein is also necessary to help your muscles recover from the wear and tear post an …

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7 Days Indian Paleo Diet Plan and Recipes

It took millions of years for the present human to evolve from its ancestors. While the process of evolution did work for us, it has also made us very vulnerable to diseases and disorders. Our ancestors were athletic enough to chase and get chased by wild animals. They were strong enough to hunt down wild beasts with mere sharpened stones …

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10 Affordable Indian Protein Sources For Muscle Building

Affordable Protein Sources in India

Protein is the most essential nutrient when it comes to the proper development of the body. It is required for almost every activity by a human body. Protein is of utmost importance for the muscular growth and repair. Not just these, hormones which regulate the vital processes of the body are anything but proteins. Hence, it is important to ensure …

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