Bodybuilding Competition Results

Mukesh Singh Wins Gold At Pro Olympia Power Lifting

Mukesh Singh Wins Gold at Pro Olympia

Mukesh Singh has won Gold Medal at the Pro Olympia Power Lifting championship 2017 held in Las Vegas during the Mr Olympia Weekend. This is an historic moment as an Indian as won the Gold Medal in this first participation at the event. Since the invitation for Pro Olympia came in late, Mukesh Singh had to reduce 10 Kg weight …

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Mr Olympia 2017 Results – Phil Health Wins Again


The results of Mr Olympia 2017 are finally out. Phil Heath does it again and wins the Mr Olympia 2017 championship again in 2017. This is his 7th consecutive victory in a row. Phil Heath Big Rammy William Bonac Dexter Jackson Shawm Rhoden Roelly Winklaar Nathan De Asha Brandon Curry Josh Lenartowicz Cedric McMillan 212 Mr Olympia Winners: Flex Lewis …

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Assamese bodybuilder Golap Rabha wins Gold at WABBA Mr. India 2017

Golap Rabha_WABBA Mr India 2017

Gone are the days when success, glory and fame were reserved for the metropolitans and economically gifted population. Time and again we have seen that that deciding factor when it comes to success is a person’s hard work and dedication. Several states of North-east India have proved this fact rather strongly. Be it Mary Kom from Manipur, Baichung Bhutia from …

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Deepika Chowdhury bags 7th place at Arnold Classic 2017

Deepika Chowdhury at Arnold Classic 2017

The year 2017 has proved to be a great year for Indian Women Bodybuilding so far. Indian women athletes are bringing glory to the nation, at both national and international events. India’s first and only IFBB Pro, Deepika Chowdhary secured the 7th position at the prestigious event of Arnold Classic. This is indeed a proud moment for India as well …

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IBBF Mr India 2017 Results – Sunit Jadhav Wins

Sunit Jadhav Wins Mr India 2017

IBBF 10th Mr India 2017 was a grand success. It was witnessed by  huge crowd in Gurgaon. Even though the event had to extend till late night. The Crowd was there to support the bodybuilders and throughly enjoyed the competition. Sunit Jadhav won the Overall Mr India 2017. This is the second year in a row that sunit wins the …

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