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This is a place where you can find major online websites in India from where you can buy your bodybuilding supplement. This online bodybuilding supplement stores are verified by our team. These websites sells various supplements products in different categories including Whey Protein, Pre workfout Supplements , Post Workout supplements, Creatine and Fat burners. There are lots of fake supplements in market which can cause harm to your health. Some of the bad elements in our society are coming up with these fake and duplicate products at cost of health of innocent buyers. Please read our articles on face supplements and how you can detect fake supplements.

  1. Fake Supplements in India
  2. How to detect Fake Supplements

We urge all to buy from genuine websites selling original product. They also provide the best price and free delivery. Moreover they are safe and trusted site.

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce website in the world. It is the safest place to buy supplements online in India. They have super-fast delivery and the prices are also very competitive.
Amazon India Supplements

2. Snapdeal
Snapdeal is the 2nd largest online retailer in India (After Flipkart). But flipkart does not sell supplements, so that makes snapdeal the biggest indian company to sell bodybuilding supplements online in India. Its a very reputed company and you can surely buy from here.

3. Flipkart

Flipkart is the latest addition to this list of online stores in India that sells bodybuilding and fitness supplements. Flipkart started selling supplements only in December 2015. Although they have started the supplements section very late ( as compared to Amazon and Snapdeal who had started it around 2 years before flipkart), they provide a full range of supplements.

Flipkart Starts Selling Supplements


4. Nutrishop

Nutrishop carries all your favorite brands at unbeatable prices. You Can Buy Complete Range of Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, Health Devices, Fitness accessories, and Many More at Lowest Price in India.


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  1. Nice Information about Fake Supplement, Thanks

  2. I have purchased c4 from snapdeal. It was fake and didnt get refund, amazon is ok as long as you are buying from direct company.

    • purchase from risenutritionhub . com They are providing good quality supplements. I recently purchased. Some supplements are with good offers but others are priced OK but the quality is very good.

  3. Hows HealthKart in this matter?
    I have bought supplements from Healthkart and it seems to be genuine stuff.
    Your take on this?

    • R u sure..can healthkart be fully trusted on supplements?

    • Healthkart started cheating. It happen thrice that the product received (Tara Nutricare Whey protein) sealed but quantity inside was hardly anything. I ordered whey pro 2.2 lbs & inside sealed box it was less then 1lbs. I informed healthkart so they denied to replace as i have opened the seal & it’s against the replacement policy of theirs.
      Beware when u buy from healthkart & specially Tara Nutricare products. Even received fake products from them. Now I don’t order at healthkart.
      Even price change on healthkart on daily basis.
      Healthkart came up with their own range of 3rd class products too, my suggestion is to avoid them.
      Good luck & regards to all.

  4. Thanks for the info.

  5. mujhe body ko sevf me karni he on
    ly cuting storage chaye sir

  6. How is……is it sale genuine products

  7. Snapdeal sells fake suppliments, I purchased hydroxycut , which was fake and they didn’t returned that, so I never ever purchased anything from SD, healthkart and proteinsindia are good

    • You can check out fitatfirst . com for authentic supplements. I have been buying ON Whey, Nitrotech and Scivation Xtend from them and i always got genuine products.

  8. Please name a few USA based nutrition supplements e-seller or e-Commerce website which directly sale supplements in Indian Currency to India through Credit Card/Debit card. This will help us from getting fake supplements from Indian market and we can easily find and purchase original/authentic products at home.

    • Thanks for the feedback .. we will surely try to come up with the list of usa based company which lets you buy(import) directly from india.
      However the big problem in these cases are the customs which are different in different status of india

    • Try vitamin it’s a official importer of muscle tech as mentioned on muscle tech official webiste

  9. if you need original supplements then go for . Buy products from US and in cheap price. But remember if you purchased large items( whey ) then you have to pay custom duty. But small items ( pre workout, bcaa, fish oil, multivitamins) you can get with out paying duty fee. Please keep an eye on the site regularly coz they in every few months they give free items ( buy 1 get 1 free / buy 2 get 1/ 25-50% off etc). Purchase at that time and your costs come down too. I only buy whey from Indian website, except that all from

  10. guys you can also check

    • Healthkart is not genuine..
      Please check it out.
      I don’t know why in India, only buisness is inside there mind, they use to play with our hopes, desires.
      The one who’s spending his 2 hours in gym with his full dedication, only he can understand the tension when we received fake suppliment in Original cost of original one.
      Plz dealer’s think about all, one day your kids were grow up & may be they get the worst suppliment from online stores.
      Aditya Sanwal

  11. Are muscle blaze products good?

  12. Mene medisyskart se whey protein liya hai to kya ye company pe turst kar sakta hu or iske product original supplements hai?
    please guide kare muje

    • Hello Admin,

      Can you please revert on this ?

      • Hi Akhil, Its a new company or is known lately, Hence we do no have much information about the products. There are not many people in our circle that are using this product yet. Hence we cannot comment now.

        Once we get more information we will update you.

        One thing is that they are spending lots of money on advertisement.

  13. I am taking body buildo suplimentry it’s fake or what plz tell me

  14. Hey to all,
    I need to buy Transparent labs’ stuff, but not able to find anywhere in India, neither in stores nor online.
    Please can anyone provide me the information related to same.

  15. I want to now about product from iherb are genuine or not please reply as soon as possible ☺☺☺

    • Its genuine bcz it’s direct come to u out of india so u get 100%pure. Nreal product without cheating.

      • Hi

        Ihearb is providing genuine product but the problem is that when you will buy any product from Iherb you have to pay import and GST changers that will costly rest the product very genuine and no comparison from another online site or store. You will feel the taste of product also result.

  16. no, heathkart ,amazon,flipkart and snapdeal most trusted site for supplements ,i used to order AMINOZ SUPPLEMENTS online from last 6-7 moths they always provide me 100% genuine product with faster delivery…. ………..biggest benefits of it this you can get your supplements from your home without going any where…..i love (on, aminoz and proleo) supplements ,….

  17. Try best protein best Bodyfulez 100% whey protein, it lot more than whey, koi bta skta h ye company k product kasi h..!

  18. Hi Admin,

    Thank you for revert on my question.

    Today i have question is Tara whey protein is good? Can i use it? How effect is this product

  19. Snapdeal on a lot of occasions sell fake supplements can’t be trusted.

  20. Am a beginner and also hard gainer. pls guide me to take a mass gainer ….means for effective results

  21. is tarafitnessproducts a good supplement brand?


  23. Some of my friends have found the products tempered while buying supplements from amazon , the sellers where from Delhi. So I cant trust amazon any more, moreover after some time those sellers were raided by the police and found all fake material there. Snapdeal and flipkart are already having bad name in selling fake products also we can not risk over health which is very important, so please tell me if there is any genuine site which is registered with Indian government for selling these products.

  24. Hiii Sir,

    Can u let me know the top 6 supplements for the bold building.

  25. Sir., kaun kaunsi company out of india hai hai supplement mai kya aap bata sakte ho pls and. ON company out of india se hai ? N sir kya indian suplplemnt. Mai jyda effect nahi milti bcz maine sun hai ki indain supplemnt mai jydatar stroide mix kiya hui hota jo sai nahi hota hai so aap bata sakte ho kaunsi compay out of india se hai Pls sir


    • No nuelife is also not original I was buyed 8gold standard 5lbs for resell it in my gym that was look original but inside was duplicate so then I was started with other my frnds dealer for purchase products…

  27. Parishit thakur

    If anyone wants to but supplements then one dealer is there in Hyderabad he import all geniune products I listened his name aman Kumar 9573067706. I listened all over but I thought they are joking then I thought I will from him for sample then I will discuss about then I brought and it’s geniune product
    So, guys I will suggest you to buy from him he told his brother in USA he export from them to him but guys it’s original supplements I opened my own shop from his support thank Aman if you seen this comment.

  28. has anyone tried davisco whey is it…is it reliable…

    • Buy Genuine Be Safe if you are searching for any supplements contact to aman 9573067706 he sell all good product he is distributer

  29. Hello guys this is Ramesh Kumar and I’m a fitness freak 2 month ago I bought a wayprotein from Amazon. In
    This is a well known website to buying online thing
    But when I got my product it’s look like very much original I can’t say anything because packaging was so original.
    When I opened the jar it’s matireal was duplicate.
    I’m stoked
    And I complied the but they didn’t respond very well they just gave me my compland number and they just asked me to send them the product images.
    I did What they told me.
    But my product still not return.
    So please guys don’t trust any online saling website.
    They just making money and playing with peoples health.
    Are farmacys also have all kinds of bodybuilding supplement and product so go there and buy original things best of luck

  30. is iherb . com is genuine

  31. Hello, can you tell me the best mass gainer available in India?

  32. Indrajit Karmakar

    Did anhone buy from Is it fake?

  33. Hi everyone I wanna buy a genuine body building powder which work 100% to grow a proper look of body. So please assist me which product is best and original too!!

  34. Would you like to tell me abot the authentic online site from where I can get on serious mass.

  35. Where I can get bullnox old formula preworkout…am trying hard to.get that stuff…if anyone helps I ll be thankful to them

  36. flipkart is safe or not?
    because I need to buy raw whey proteins

    • Hi, I am nutritionist for Nutrilite, provides consulting and also genuine product from distributor. Please let me know if any assistance needed on vitamin supplement . you can write to me at: Please leave your contact number in the email so that i can get in touch with you. XS Whey Protein from nutrilite helps contribute to growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

  37. Tara's Fitness Products

    Hello friends,

    Kindly visit for original and healthy indian supplements direct from manufacturing company. We are trusted manufacturer of food supplements since 1989.

  38. Does healthxp sells genuine products.. Plz tell me

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