Shocking!! Fake Supplement in India

Beware!! more that 50% supplements sold in India are fake. Read on for more details on how to detect it and what can we do about it.

Increase in demand of bodybuilding supplements in India

Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding Supplements

These days the business of bodybuilding  supplement has increased a lot in India. This is due to huge increase in demand of supplements in India recently. Bodybuilding and fitness is rapidly gaining popularity in India. Lots of youngster are moving towards fitness and bodybuilding.People are getting aware of this sport and we see more and more bodybuilding events are being organised in India.

India being a huge youngster population makes it a very good market for this business. Also the profitability ratio is good. So lots of new Indian supplement products have come in market. Some companies import the supplements from international vendors and sell them locally in India.

Reason for increase in Fake supplements

Fake Supplements

Fake Supplements

  •  Bodybuilding supplements are sold as dietary supplement and currently there is no Regulatory body in India that governs and regulates the manufacturing, import, sales and distribution of bodybuilding supplements.
  • Its very hard to detect fake supplements.
  • Making a fake supplement is very cheap therefore the profitability ratio is extremely high.
    Manufacturing cost = Rs. 200  Market price = Rs. 4500. So you can imagine the profit.
  • Often people consult their gym instructors or gym owners for guidance on bodybuilding supplement. More often than not these guys suggest some supplements and promise to make it available at cheaper rates. These are usually fake products from grey market. Be cautious if your trainer or gym owner is trying hard to convince you to buy a particular brand of protein supplement. You can take advice from him but do a good research and if needed buy the same product from genuine shops.
  • Most people buy supplements from local pharmacy or local stores, so grey marketers directly deal with these people and give them higher margin for selling their fake supplements.

Effects of Fake Supplements

The ingredients used to make fake supplements are cheap, they are made to look real by trying to give them the same color and texture as the original products. These ingredients are harmful for body. Some companies add cheap steroids to the product to show quick results which can be really very dangerous for our body. Read these news articles to get more information

Please check below YouTube video of a news report by Aaj Tak on duplicate supplements. A gang was caught making fake protein powders, Interestingly they were selling it to various pharmacies. Also when the raid was conducted they were found to have  a stock of  labels and stickers of major bodybuilding brands.

Some of the popular brands suggest ways to check whether the product purchased is genuine either though hologram, special seals, logo on the bottles, batch number verification etc.

Take a look at a good video showing how fake supplements are made.

What should we do

First of all try to get your protein and nutrient requirements from food intake itself. During the initial days of bodybuilding, there were no supplements. Even then people used to get desired muscles and weight.

Secondly, if you decide to really go for supplements then you need to find out what is your exact requirement. People will try to sell you supplements that you don’t really need or may be not at this stage. Supplements can range from pre-workout supplements, protein supplements, creatine, glutamines, post-workout supplements, fat burners etc, for more information on types of supplements, read our post on Protein Supplements .

Do a research on different brands that are making supplements. Read reviews, ask your friends at gym for feedback on supplements they use. Next, buy supplements from genuine outlets or order from trusted online stores. We have complied a list of Online websites selling bodybuilding supplements in India. Make sure you purchase the supplements with a valid bill with VAT no and TIN no.

Please feel free to provide us your feedback/ comments.


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  1. This is very good information… I had purchased supplements through my gym trainer. I would be cautious next time.
    Can u also give info about how to detect fake supplement and where is the good place to buy supplement in pune. Thanks

  2. Nice and true information!

  3. I’ve imported bodybuilding supplements from many times to Bangalore without any duty . I made savings of 40% compared to supplements available at Apurva Agencies Chamrajpet Bangalore which also they supply fake products. Even nowadays I’ve seen product with neulife sticker having fake product inside containing starch and sugar. Hence ordering from is cheaper and genuine products, only disadvantage is time taken for delivery is 4-5 weeks….hope you have benefited from my experience regards,

  4. hey Ana how did u buy from bbcom without paying duty? plz advice

    • There is no way right now, until the custom rules are changed.

      If you have any friend in US, you can ask them to buy it for you and then courier it to you marking it as gift. There is no customs if the product is marked as gift (of course, there would be a limit on the quantity, we are not sure of that yet)

  5. In my humble opinion we should stay away from supplements. No body knows what is in the jar. There is no FDA regualtion to keep the quality control and ensuring that product you consume are genuine. It’s not only in INDIA but in USA as well. Please focus on natural diet.

    • @ Chetan, We agree with you.
      One should first try to get all his macro nutrient (protein, carb ,fat) requirement from natural food source. Have 6-7 meals in a day if required.

      Then even after the 6-5 meals, if you are falling short of your protein requirements then only you should go for supplements.

  6. How to check that os supliment genuine or fake,?

  7. I ordered a protein Supplement from Amazon Ultimate Nutrition Prostar( I had ordered this product 3 times before as well from healthkart so I know much the content should be and what is the taste like) the official importer of this protein is Paradise Nutrition who tried to test the intelligence of the customer by sending an underweight product the product delivered was underweight more than half of the powder was missing. After numerous angry mails and calls to Amazon and the seller, and after threatening the seller with legal action, the seller agreed to a hand to hand replacement. A hand to hand replacement was done after almost 2 months of raising the issue. The seller sent a boy from his Delhi branch to collect the defective product and hand me the replacement. The boy opened the product in front of me( the defective one) the freshness seal was missing on the container and there was a duplicate seal in the lid the boy then called his Delhi office senior and they said they could not replace the product. I called the seller based in Mumbai again and threatened them with legal action the seller then readily agreed to hand to hand replacement, the replacement was done but the replaced product although does have the original seal but it has a foul smell and taste is bitter, I had asked the seller to provide me with the invoice for the replacement but he is not willing to do so. Now I am seriously considering legal action against the seller and I have seen there are many other customer’s who have faced similar concerns.

    • Hi James,

      Sorry to hear that you had to face tough time with the seller. We agree that all the major eCommerce amazon,flipkart,snapdeal are a market place where various sellers sell the product. Therefore its important to check the seller before placing the order. Check for # of previous orders and average customer rating. You may sometime find that the product is available at a little higher price from a genuine seller.

      Healthkart is also a market place, infact they themselves also sell supplements on amazon and snapdeal (google the seller aquamarine). The muscleblaze product is owned by healthkark but they do not disclose this fact. You must have noticed that they are all out to promote muscleblaze products over other supplements. Hence we do not recommend healthkart.

  8. Hi…I achieved my physique just by having daily foods…but now I have a wish to for supplements…because the common products like creatine,glutamine,fish oil,bcaa are hard to get from natuaral foods…can you suggest me from where I should buy supplements?? And I am more fond of the brand “Optimum Nutrition”. Please advice me how to detect a genuine product as I haven’t used any supplements yet. Please help…

  9. Iam planning to buy supplements from Neulife. Please let me know if neulife is genunine distributor in India. Can I take on standard gold and serious mass at a time after workouts??

  10. sir i am 20 years. and i am doing workout for 3 months. and i could not increase my muscles. so suggest me good muscle pump supplement. such a sir could you explain cellucor extreme Supplement ..c4. and where can i buy genuine supplement..

  11. sir what can i buy Supplement from your website.. and sir Neulife and healthkart a genuine stores.. plz plzzzz tell me sir

  12. I purchased taranutricare body grow
    Its ingredients seems to be suspicious.. They says its ayurvedic.. Would you plz post your reply ..confirming aunthenticity..
    Lactus(protien source)
    Saccrum (energy source)
    Papaver omniferrium

  13. IBB please tell about it is genuine site or not?

  14. What about those who are doing a 9 to 5 job and can’t have 6-7 meals…will u still not recommended supplements.

    • Firstly, Even with 9 to 5 you can have 6-7 meals a day (If you really want to)
      Secondly, we are saying you can take supplements, but food will give you much better and proven results with less budget and no far of side effect

  15. According to you all, which is the most trusted online site to buy whey protein supplements?

  16. Does Paradise Nutrition aka Ultimate Nutrition India website provide authentic and genuine imported Ultimate Nutrition products or are there any doubts about their authenticity ?

  17. Is it safe to buy supplements from neulife? Please do Reply.

  18. I am very confused where are purchase original supplement in.noida please suggest me

  19. Amazon,sanpdeal ,nowdays all r selling fake product,even neulife store is giving lots of discount,,,,,,all fake there is no trusted companies

  20. Hi team

    How do I find the aunthecity of paradise nutrition for parching ultimate nutrition ,they aelling at very cheap prices which is 3999 for 5 llbs .and will be it a genuine product ?

    • my suggestion would be to buy a supplement and then take it straight away to a lab and get its lab report there. You can compare the protein contents and all other information on the label to the actual lab report. It will not cost more than 400 rupees. we can spend 400 rupees for our health when we are spending much on proteins.

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