Indian Wrestler The Great Khali Severely Injured

Dalip Singh Rana popularly known as “The Great Khali” was seriously endured with head injury on Thursday in a wrestling event held at Haldwani, Uttarkhand. He was hospitalized to Max Hospital in Deharadun and is under the surveillance of Dr AK Singh who apprised- “the condition is stable and all the organs are working properly”.

The wrestler was airlifted to Intensive care unit of Brijlal hospital on advice of Haldwani doctors. Dr Ajay Pal forewarned that Khali was suffering from edema and would be under observation for 24 hours.

The WWE champion, power lifter and the former wrestler was engaged in the first event of “The Great Khali Show” that took place at Indira Gandhi cricket stadium. According to the sources, he suffered the head injury after being knocked by a chair by his opponents in the match namely, Brody, Mike Knox and Apollo Leon.

Khali was born in Rajput family in Dhiraina, Himachal Pradesh embarking as an officer in Punjab state police before he commenced as a professional wrestler. He proposed his ring name “The Great Khali” after the goddess Kali, who is associated with eternal energy. Singh became the first Indian to be signed to a contract by World Wrestling entertainment and in 2007 became the World heavy weight champion. He appeared on the reality show Big Boss, and on Disney channel TV program Pair of rings as Atog, a rock-smashing giant.

In 2011, his imperial persona was transposed and he began playing the character of “Punjabi playboy”.

Khali was emancipated after the long eight years of contract with WWE. Later in 2015, he fulfilled his aspiration when he set up his own wrestling academy-the Continental Wrestling Entertainment in India.

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