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What is the biggest gift that you can give your child, as a parent – professional education, established business, and some lessons for life, luxuries, and comfort? Well, we do applaud the parents who strive day in and day out to give their kids a better future. However, is this enough? The answer is NO, a big NO! The biggest gift you can give your child is HEALTH and FITNESS that will give him the strength to fight the odds and make his own future. It is your responsibility as a parent, to ensure that your child has been exposed to healthy ways and regimens right from the start. We are here to guide you and suggest ways that can ensure a healthy and energetic future for your child. One such way is Kids CrossFit Workout that, under proper guidance, is one of the most fulfilling ways of exercising.

CrossFit workout includes various disciplines of exercise including Olympic weightlifting, strongman, high-intensity interval training, gymnastics, power lifting, calisthenics, and other exercises. Looking at the benefits that one could get from such a diversified routine, experts invented a new regimen that could focus on kids in the age group of 3 to 18 years of age. In children, such a routine helps to induce athletic performance, promote growth, energy, and aid the cognitive functioning. Thus, CrossFit promotes a child’s overall growth and development. It has been undertaken by over 1000 schools and 1800 gyms, across the globe. Given below is one of the most widely followed Kids CrossFit Workouts.

NOTE: Allow your kids to perform these exercises only under the supervision of an expert instructor. CrossFit is a high intensity routine and needs proper supervision.

  • Bear Crawl across the yard:

The Bear Crawl

The Bear Crawl works as the perfect warm up session for any Kids CrossFit Workouts. This particular movement style stresses on every muscle of the body especially the mid section. It also acts on the spine and strengthens its core. The most appropriate distance for a sufficient warm up for kids is 1 to 2 rounds of 10 yards each.


  • Sit down in dog position i.e. both the knees and the palm on the ground with your body raised up.
  • Now, slightly raise your knees above the ground. Now only your palms and feet will be on the ground.
  • Balance yourself, take your weight on your palms, and now slowly start moving.
  • Now, you have to start crawling without your knees or elbows touching the ground.
  • Do a 10 yard Bear Crawl moving ahead, then take a break of 15 to 20 seconds, then turn around and do another 10 yard crawl, thus, coming back to your starting point.
  • Crab Walk:

Crab Walk

Well, once you are done with being the bear, then it is time to be the crab. The Crab Walk has the same effect as the bear crawl, i.e. strengthening of the spine, the core, limbs, and the mid section of the torso. The most appropriate distance for a sufficient warm up for kids will be 1 to 2 rounds of 10 yards each.


  • Sit on the ground on your feet and extend your legs outwards in the front.
  • Put your hands on the ground with palms facing the ground and fingers pointing to your feet. Remember, your face should be towards the sky (opposite of Bear Crawl).
  • Now lift your body as high as you can. Balance yourself and then start walking. When you walk, do not lower down your back. Keep it as high as you can.
  • Be slow and steady and complete your 10 yard round ahead. If you want, you can do another 10 yard round on your way back and reach the starting point.
  • Ballerina Plies or Ballerina Squat:

Ballerina Squat Ballerina Piles

The ballerina piles serve as a good stretching exercise for the warmed up muscles. They add a bit of fun to the routine as well. The ballerina piles help in improving the balance, spine, and the core strength and use the leg muscles quite effectively. One set of 10 piles is sufficient for our young people.


  • For Ballerina Squat, stand in an upright position with your feet apart and hands on your side.
  • Now raise your hands so that they are perpendicular to the ground.
  • Now bend your knees so that they come forward. Keep your hands in the air and hold this position for 5 seconds. Stand upright again and then repeat 10 times.
  • For Ballerina Pile you have to stand in an upright position with legs apart. Hold a lightweight rod in your hands to create some stress, raise your hands above the head, and bend your knees. Hold for 5 seconds and then stand up. Relax and repeat 10 times.
  • Side to Side Hops over a line:

Side to Side Hop

This adds fun to your kids CrossFit Routine and at the same time ensures that your child gets sufficient running and jumping-around time. This also helps in developing a sense of balance and co-ordination.


  • Draw a line or keep an object that you could use as a flat partition. Stand on one side of this line with your feet together, facing forward.
  • Now jump forward but on the opposite side of the line. Do not change your direction. Now jump again, but on the opposite side of the line.
  • Repeat this for two rounds each of 10 yards.
  • Jump Rope:

Kids Crossfit wrkout - Jump Ropes

Jumping Rope is one of the best workouts for every age group. It works on every joint and tones the mid section and the leg muscles. Jump for 1 minute without taking any pause.

  • Somersaults:

Somersault Crossfit workout

Somersault is a part of many Kids CrossFit sessions. Somersaults provide a 360-degree rotation to the body and bring every part of the body into action. Do a set of five somersaults with or without taking a break.


  • Stand straight, raise your hands up, and keep your legs slightly apart.
  • Bend your knees forward, bend down, and place your palms on the floor a little away from your feet.
  • Now, push yourself ahead so that you roll and land on your back. You must not land on your head.
  • You may do a continuous set of five somersaults or stand after every somersault and repeat again.
  • Monkey Bar Hang:

Kids Workout Monkey Bar Hang

This is a perfect wrap up for a workout session. Simply, hang freely from a bar for a mere 30 seconds and then get down. Make sure your feet do not touch the ground. You may cross from one bar to the other or hang from a single bar for 30 seconds.

This basic Kids CrossFit workout will completely transform your child’s personality, making him sharper and stronger. Kids CrossFit has proved that age can never be an excuse for not exercising. So, give your child the correct boost and help him lead a stronger life with Kids CrossFit Workout.

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