5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Body Power India Expo 2016

Asia’s biggest fitness exhibition is back with a muscular bang. Yes, we are talking about the Body Power India Expo 2016 that is all set to give the New Year a perfect start. The Expo will be held from 8th Jan 2016 to 10th Jan 2016 at the Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai. So, prepare yourself to witness the gathering of the fittest men and women across India and some globally acclaimed suppliers of clothing, sports nutrition products, and gym equipment. We are here, giving you a sneak peek into this grand fitness event that will compel you to reserve your calendar for it. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should not miss the Body Power India Expo 2016.

1) Major exhibitors at the Expo:

Body Power India Expo is the biggest gathering of fitness enthusiasts across the country. Enthusiasts from all over the Asiatic continent come here to be a part of this amazing experience. This makes it a perfect stage or platform to stage your products and equipment. Imagine a huge crowd of visitors, competitors, buyers, and distributors that is eager to get its hands on the finest nutrition products, the most advanced fitness equipment, comfortable clothing, and accessories for a perfect work out, etc. It is due to this highly lucrative opportunity that Body Power Expo sees some of the world’s leading dealers at the Expo.

Indian Body Building takes pride in being one of the several exhibitors at the Body Power Expo for the 2nd time in a row. We will strive to bring forward the best of IBB and we are sure that we will receive your strong support, this time as well.

The list of exhibitors at the Expo increases each year. Some of the leading names are BodyPower, Neulife Nutrition, Jerai Fitness, ESN & HealthKart, etc. To view the complete list of exhibitors and to know more about them, visit here:


2) Major athletes attending the expo:

One of the major attractions at the Expo is the team of athletes. These are globally renowned athletes of national and international fame,  from various fields namely, Bodybuilding, Fitness, Combat, Strongman, Power Sports, and Key Note Speakers. These athletes enjoy a celebrity status among the health and fitness enthusiasts. The visitors come rushing here to see their fitness role models in person, on stage. Their presence itself is a big motivation to  the masses. These athletes participate in various competitions and interact with their followers through various events which takes this exhibition to a different level altogether.

Some of the biggest names at the Expo 2016 are –

  • Bodybuilding:
Bodybuilding is the most waited segment of the entire Body Power India Expo 2016. It will be a power packed event and will bring on stage, the mightiest faces from the world of Bodybuilding. This is probably the most awaited and anticipated segment of the entire Expo. This is the only platform in India that gives all the enthusiasts a chance to witness the power of their bodybuilding idols, live in action.

  • Fitness:

Visitors will also see fitness gurus like Junaid Kaliwala, Miihier Singh, Parag Mhetre and Michelle Brannian, Candice Lewis, to name a few. Parag will also be conducting a Kettlebell Competition at the event.

  • Keynote Speakers:

Apart from the athletes, there will be some prominent speakers like Bhupendra Dhavan and Kalyani Capadia who shall inspire the crowd with their knowledge and insights.

For a complete list of all the athletes participating at the Expo 2016, visit here.

3) Major competitions / events at the expo:

The Body Power Expo sees a perfect blend of strength, agility, and fitness. From weight lifting to MMA, various forms of power plays are seen here. This 3-day event is action packed and has many segments that involve visitor’s participation as well. Some of the biggest competitions and events waiting at the Body Power India Expo 2016 are:

  • EKFA Kettlebell Competition:

The Expo will hosting a Kettlebell competition with the help of Energy Kettlebell Fitness Academy Asia (EKFA), under the guidance and leadership of Parag Mhetre, Kettlebell Asia Gold medalist. This will be called the EKFA Kettlebell Open Championship. Competitors from all over Asia will participate here in different categories. Visitors can join the completion too.

  • Fit Factor:

Fit Factor is a unique competition that gives the aspiring fitness models a chance to bag the lime light. There is a fitness beauty pageant that judges a contestant for his or her physique and fit factor that includes personality, presence, grooming, dressing sense etc. The show will be open to men and women and will be judged by industry experts.

  • Work out Stage:

Workout Stage is one of the main action areas at the event. This stage will see some of the mightiest fitness and bodybuilding idols performing at their best. This stage will also host many fitness competitions and modules that will call for visitor participation. The crowd will get a chance to interact with their fitness role models here.

  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts):

If you think “Warriors” was too much of an action, then wait till you reach here. The Expo hosts MMA competitions where in the professional fighters will battle it out with perfect moves for their fans. It will definitely be one of the most heated up events at the Expo.

  • Million Dollar Body:

If you have a perfect physique or muscles to die for, then here is your chance to rise to fame. Participate in the Million-Dollar Body Competition. Send in your entries and grab your chance to become a fitness star.

These are just a few of the attractions at the Expo. For a complete list of competition and events, visit these links.

4) IBB is an official media partner:

Indian Bodybuilding was an official media partner at the Expo, last year. we are among the leading media partners for Expo 2016. Hence, IBB will now be able to bring to you all the latest happenings of the event in an exclusive fashion. Stay updated with all the news, keep a track of the competitions and the winners, and see exclusive footage and pictures of your fitness role models, with IBB. For, those who unfortunately cannot make it to the event can now relax, we assure you that you will not miss out on any action.

5) Success of last year event:

Body Power India Expo was started in the year 2009 to highlight the importance of health and fitness in India. Since then, BPI has come to India every year and each time it received an even warmer response. Last year i.e. Body Power India Expo 2015 set new records of popularity. 20,000 visitors coming from different parts of the country and continent became a part of this event. The event also saw generous participation from the leading athletes that has made this event, in true sense, Asia’s biggest fitness exhibition.

Body Power Indian Expo is probably the grandest fitness event you will come across. These 3 days will inspire you for the rest of your lives. No fitness lover can miss out on this opportunity and stay home when the best of the fitness world is out on the stage. Although, we do understand that it is not possible for everyone to fly to Mumbai to catch this event,we have a solution for it as well. The Body Power India Expo team has travelled across the nation, visiting nine cities, to motivate the masses for a healthier living.

For a true fitness lover it is hard to stay away from this event. So, if you think you are really passionate about fitness, then go ahead and book your tickets now!

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