5 Rules to detect fake bodybuilding supplement

Fake bodybuilding supplements products in India are on the rise these days. Its a major concern for all of us because its not only money wasted, but it also puts our health at risk. It is estimated that more than 60% of supplements sold in India are fake. You can read about this in detail here . We suggest that you buy bodybuilding protein supplement from genuine dealers of reputed brands. You can also buy bodybuilding supplement online from trusted websites.

How to Detect Fake Bodybuilding Supplements

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This is how a typical story goes for a first time supplement buyer. You do a lots of research and googling to find the best supplement brand to suit their need. [By the way we have a good resource for you to find the best supplements here if you are looking to buy one]

After all these efforts at last you decide on once particular brand that you want to buy. You have read lot of good review of this product and have heard good things from your gym buddies who use the same product. This makes you really exited and you are eager to buy one. Next you start looking got shops or website that gives you the best price. This the step where most people go wrong, because the cheapest is not always the best deal. None the less lets assume you go with the cheapest option and buy from a shady shop just for the sake of big discount he was offering. Note that even though you are buying at a cheaper rate, its still your hard earned money.

Next after you start using the supplements, you start to expect some dramatic effects in your gains. Most of the expectation is because of the big claims made by the supplement company or because the popular bodybuilder ( also the brand ambassador of the product) highly recommends it. But if the supplement is fake, it will hardly make any difference to you gains at best, and do more harm at the worst. All depends on what is used in making the fake supplement.

You even probably start to doubt yourself, that are you not seeing the effect because you are not working hard enough ? or not following the proper workout routine. This also leads to demoralization because you had high expectations. At this stage some people even give up on bodybuilding assuming its not meant for them. All this happens not realizing that you are not seeing results because the supplement that you are using in fake. If this feeling seems familiar, then read on as we tell you why this happens and how you can avoid it.

As you guys must have realized, the effect of fake supplements is not just the money wasted. It has deeper physical and psychological effect . The harmful effects of fake supplements is another story all together that we will cover in another article. This are the reason why ensuring that your supplement is genuine and original is such and important step. The step that most all together miss. The story doesn’t end after you buy supplements and you product arrives. You have follow some rules to check if you supplement is original or fake. This should be done irrespective of the place or shop from where you buy it, irrespective of weather this is the first time you are buying or a regular buyer from a particular shop or website.

Rule # 1 Check the Seal
Rule No 1 is to check the seal properly. If there is no seal, then its definitely fake! If the seal is there then on close observation we can make out the difference between original and fake

a) The seal on the inner side of the lid should be checked carefully, The duplicate ones are loosely attached and are of poor quality.

Fake Supplement

Fake Supplement

b) Actual seal on the bottle should have proper edges and should be uniformly attached. It should not be open or loose from any side.

Fake Supplement

Fake Supplement

c) Seal usually have name of the brand endorsed on it, If the seal is plain and of low quality then its probably fake.

Fake Supplement

Fake Supplement

Rule # 2 Hologram / Logo
Rule no 2 is to check the logo of the brand and hologram, Most of the popular brand have a hologram mark which is difficult to forge.
Below is an example of Hologram on Optimum Nutrition brand.

Fake Supplement Hologram

Fake Supplement

Examples of fake Logo of Optimum Nutrition

Fake Logo

Fake Logo

Rule # 3 MRP Sticker
Another easy way to detect fake is to check the MRP Sticker, Fake product usually paste another sticker for the MRP on the container. The Sticker on the genuine products are as shown below.

MRP sticker hologram

MRP sticker hologram

Rule # 4 LOT No Verification
We can verify genuine product by looking at the LOT No, Some companies provide online service to validate LOT no of their product. For others you can call the customer care and confirm the lot no of bodybuilding supplements. Fake Supplements will have invalid LOT No.

Fake LOT No

Fake LOT No

Fake LOT No

Fake LOT No

Rule # 5 Container Quality, Graphics and Label clarity
Fake products usually have low quality container, graphics , labels and text. See the examples below.





Apart from these five rules,  there are few other checks that you can do to validate that your supplements are original

6) Supplement taste, smell, color and mix-ability:

If you are a regular supplement user or a particular product, then pay close attention to the taste, smell, texture, color and mix-ability when you buy a new tub. If you feel anything has changed, then it should set the alarm ringing. It may be actual change from the supplement company. However its always good to get in tough with them for reconfirmation about any changes you observe.

7) Bar Code / QR Code

Make sure that the bar code and QR code on the container are point to the correct url and giving you the correct information about the product. You can use the QR scanner on your phone to get the details. If you notice anything unusual, then please get in touch with the supplements company


We hope that this article will help you detect fake supplements from the originals. Fake Bodybuilding supplements can have serious consequences on our health, please be cautions while buying your next supplement and help spread awareness about fake bodybuilding supplements. If you know of any other methods to detect fakes , please leave comment below.

To be safe always buy supplement from reputed and trusted company like Amazon.in or Snapdeal

Happy Bodybuilding !!

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  1. Good Information …will keep this in mind next time .. but some people use the original bottle empty the original powder and replace it with fake powder .. how to detect this ??

    • You will have to buy from reputed shop… down buy from unknown sources….

      • What exactly you mean reputed shop .. pls share bit more clarity here.

        from where to buy genuine products ?

        • Please buy from healthkart.com , neulife or paradise nutrition.com for ultimate nutrition products. Always buy from the authorized dealers. You can find that list on all the official websites of the supplement companies.

    • buy refil or else recycle the containers as storage don’t just throw them away 🙂

    • You can check the seal of that product.if is fake the seal is of low quality as given above.

  2. Very nice information .. thanks for the article.

  3. Best is not use any supps, these are mostly crap. Eat, eggs, chicken, fish, milk instead. Not a single pro bodybuilder use these shitty sups. Its just for the advertisement and money. Pros are on real stuff like, dbol, deca, trenbolone, test, winny, HGH, insulin ..the list goes on and yes REAL FOOD.

    • dude you are a fool if you think what you have mentioned

    • They are not crap. They are quite effective if purchased from trusted source. They should be consumed along with other natural food proteins like egg, chicken etc. And if you are interested in getting results quickly continue using “dbol, deca, trenbolone, test, winny” as you have mentioned. But these are steriods and will destroy your body.

  4. Supplements which are sold by bodybuilding.com are geniune or fake?

  5. Lofton Canizales

    anvarol can be used whilst dieting because it maintains lean muscle mass and body strength. It effectively helps in reducing body fat stored in the visceral region. It also increases bone density and relieves bone pain. Due to the mild nature of the hormone it doesn’t hinder or prohibit the production of natural hormones in the body. Many side effects which are associated with the use of steroids are not a concern here due to how Anavar works. Some of the common side effects to consider with other steroids are male pattern baldness, acne, oily skin etc..

  6. i purchased scitec efm isolated whey protein 2300gm choco flavor frm neulife store L-95 Lajpat nagar 2 Newdelhi…dere was a seal outside..wo open karne ke baad jo inner seal thi wo just aise lag raha tha upar rakhi hui he.wo chipki ni hui thi…uspar company ka name nahi tha but “sealed fr ur protection” Likha tha …or wo jo wo dhakkan tha usmein bhi kuch extra nahi laga tha as u showed…but neulife ka hologram he company adress he ..spelling mistake bhi ni he…bill wid vat cst bhi mila he…i wanna know ke product fake to ni …just becoz inner seal chipki ni hui he nd dhakan pr andar extra kuch ni laga..is liye mujhe doubt ho gyaa he ..plz mujhe koi solution bataaye ki kya is product ki packing aisi hi aati.he???

    • Do one thing. There must be some barcodes on the container. Scan it. If the information comes correct with the product in the container then its authentic.

  7. Im frm delhi i read many article in net regarding fake nd original but still confused becoz..i lik to tak protein of ON but im not finding genuine seller i read it (NEULIF) is saf in india recently delhi polic mak rade som area in that neulif is also include…any one suggst mee plzz

  8. I had buy. Universal whey pro from ebay.in, there is no mfg date ,no mrp , no bill nd outer logo was just glue pasted. Only lot no. Nd expiry date was given . Can u tell me it fake or origional.

    • C’mon dude seriously ? The last place someone should buy supplement is ebay. It’s obviously fake! Do not consume it.

  9. i bought on creatine from nuelife ..it contain on logo with R not with Tm ..it means it is fake??plz reply

  10. Hello sir
    Recently I hv purchased labrada mass gainer price 4000/- 12 lbs . I hv scan bar code but no any information shown .is it fake?
    I confused wht should I do.

  11. Can we trust Amazon India and healthkart for 100% genuine supplement or they are also fraud

    • From our experience Amazon is the safest. It has the easiest return policy of all the online sites.
      But you will have to check the seller on amazon before buying. Same product is sold by several seller. So check the seller rating before you buy and you should be safe.

  12. I want to buy a cat burner but I am confused bcoz there is so many brands please give me a suggestion.

  13. Friends recently I bought a supplement from paytm and was very much scared whether I would get a genuine one or not. FInally when the product arrived and I opened the seal, i was surprised to see a scratch coupon which would authenticate the product by sending an sms or on their website. Luckily I got a genuine product.

    My point is supplement manufacturers should device more of such ways where the authenticity can be tested. Thanks.

  14. I just finshed 2 buckets of BSN syntha 6.
    These 2 buckets dnt have the seal attached on the bucket its just placed on it.
    Upper seal was transparent..
    Its original or fake????

  15. Hi Team,

    Thanks for the valuable information which is available on this portal.
    I am planning to buy ON 100% Gold Standard from Snapdeal.
    I have gone through the customer review on the product quality on Snapdeal as well as Amazon but Snapdeal reveiw is quite satisfactory asbout the product quality and geniuness.

    Here you have mentioned that Amazon is the safest online store to buy.
    I am confused here, could you please help me in this matter.

    Many thanks!!!
    Sharwan Prajapati

  16. sir i had bought a optimum nutrition creatine and i haven’t get tag of neulife,it had the tag of “bright”.and above ON™ ,it is not written instead of that it is written ON®

  17. Hi, I have purchased LABRADA HUMANO GROWTH 120 CAPSULES from musclemantra.com
    And, It has got a 3d label of Halt.I want to know if it is genuine.

  18. Hi i want to know that iherb online site selling original product or not , bcz there price r lesser than other site but this one is america base company
    Try to help me

  19. Very good Information , I want add my experience to this post which may help readers.
    My 5LB ON from amazon had all the required authentication. what distributors /middlemen are doing is that they cut the bottle beneath/base and patch it again as its just plastic. I am not sure what they achieve by doing this for few bugs. I only wished that they did not add any other powder to make sure the weight remains the same. After using it for 2 months taste will start changing that’s when i got worried and validated. Hope this information is help full for readers.. cheers

  20. Hello Sir,

    Mene medisyskart se whey protein liya hai to kya ye company pe turst kar sakta hu or iske product original supplements hai?
    please guide kare muje

  21. hello sir, may I know fake products scan the barcode or not? Cuz my gym owner give me syntha 6 but they will not give a bill but only scan the barcode can I trust this product
    please give me advice any guys

  22. Hi,

    My name is Manish Sharma. I had purchased SCITEC Whey Protein from Neulife Store in INDIA. When I entered the batch no listed on the jar on the company’s offical website, I could not find that batch no. There is every chance that NEULIFE store could be selling fake SCITEC product. I have also sent an email to NEULIFE store asking them to confirm if it is a real or fake product, but I haven’t got any positive response from them. Please help in clearing my doubt and let me know what action can I take if it is a fake product. Below are the details of the Product and NEULIFE store address in INDIA.

    Batch no-1046631235

    EXP Date- 12.2017

    Manufacturing Date- 14.12.2015


    Thank You,
    Manish Sharma

  23. How to check supliment is fake. Can we check the bar code.. Or the top one sticker impoted…it is importtant.

  24. How about labrada musclea mass gainer ?

  25. I have bought a On optimum Whey Protein, I have a doubt that it is a fake box.
    with ON logo its show (r) not TM, when I scan the barcode it opens google search.
    It’s batch no. is 0000778896, Exp 02/18 & MFD 02/16 @ 11:04
    Flavour chocolate malt with 73 servings

    Please help me out

  26. I have bought a On optimum Whey Protein, I have a doubt that it is a fake box.
    After scanning a google page pops out instead of website.
    ON logo shows (r) instead of TM
    HElp me out

  27. What are Amazon’s return policies for supplements? Can they be trusted blindly?

  28. Hi.. I have checked bar code n all information r OK.. but didn’t find the fssai mark!

  29. Hello Sir,
    I bought Nitrotech Gold whey from Fitzone supplement shop in Patel Nagar New Delhi. Although colour of the product seems genuine but it is very very light and feel like I am not drinking any supplement after I have it.
    This is my first time of using that product and so I am not sure. Can I please email you the Pictures of the Box if it’s possible for you guys to detect whether it’s fake or not ?

    Thank you.

  30. What about optimum nutrition whey protein from iherb website? Is it trusted website? Shall i buy frim it
    Pls help me in this

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