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Casein Protein : What, Why, When?


The word Casein is actually came from Latin Caseus or cheese. Casein protein is from the phosphoproteins family which is commonly found in mammal milk. Human milk contains almost 20-45% of casein, and cow milk contains 80% of casein protein. As a food source casein protein contains amino acids, carbohydrates and two inorganic components Phosphorus and calcium.Casein protein is completely ... Read More »

Are You an Endomorph? Here is Your Exercise and Diet Plan

endomorph diet plan

Do you know Who we call Endomorphs?Here is a visual for you. Now can you name any bodybuilder of these categories.If the answer is No.then here is an other visual to classify. I think they all are very well known to any bodybuilder of India.In this photo here you can easily understand the classification.Endomorph,Mesomorph and Ectomorph respectively.In this photo it ... Read More »

10 Pre-Contest Tricks To Build Lean Muscle And Burn Fat Fast

Top 10 Pre Contest Tricks

Since winter is the time of Bodybuilding contests in our nation.Most of the prestigious Bodybuilding competitions in India like Federation cup,Mr Satish Sugar’s Classic,Jr. and Sr. Nationals (Mr. India) and other regional and state level competitions take place from December to April.There fore this is the high time for all Bodybuilders to prepare for a ripped muscular body. Bodybuilders are ... Read More »