Guide To Gaining Mass

So a lot of people still confused what to do to Gain Mass in muscle ?                                                                                           “Going for high reps sets with moderate weights or just few reps sets with heavy weight.”

Well this article is just for the people who are finding it tough to gain more muscle mass or who are not just satisfied with their improvements for long time because they ain’t that great.!!

According to my personal experience , i am a person who falls for lifting HEAVY and will always be the guy who  stands to lift heavy weights to promote the muscle growth to a prime extent in our body to gain a quality muscle  and this fundamental is extremely important for natural bodybuilders to see improvement at its best to become the strongest version of yourself too.

Take an example as i am lover of

Squatting heavy to Bulk up

Squatting heavy to Bulk up

Legs exercise i will make u understand through SQUATS EXERCISE. Lets say i squat 5-6 reps for 140 kgs. Now  changing this schedule if i will start doing squats  for 15-20 reps for 80-100 kgs for few months i will start getting less stronger as my max weight capacity will fall down for sure below 140kgs but if instead of changing my schedule to former , i start lifting 145-150 kgs for the next time for the same 5-6 reps then i will increase my body strength and i would even be able to lift for 15-20 reps for a weight which will be more then the previous weight ie 100-110 kgs. So summing it up, if i lift heavy weight with few reps i am also able to lift more weight for higher reps  with lighter weight which means i am getting more stronger and my capacity is also increasing.

And bet me u would never have seen a guy who will always be going for more reps like 15-20 to get stronger. But you would have surely seen that strong guys can lift  heavy weight for higher reps. and even when you lift extremely heavy according to your strength and then immediately after that you are able to lift lesser weight for quite many reps. So go for heavy weight and reps between 4-8 and not failure but go for several sets by following this rep range  and after u complete your sets do a set with lighter weight till failure to get a good pump.

Concluding , i just want you to go as much heavy as you can even if in the last sets you are completely dependent on the supporter because it helps you a lot to get stronger and remember take a lot amount of calories to increase muscle mass according to your body weight because it’s very important as diet and exercise go hand in hand


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