Sahil Khan to join hands with global fitness brand Body Power

Sahil Khan Joins hands with Body Power Nick Ortan

Fitness Icon Sahil Khan who has won several awards in the fitness industry, has joined hands with a global fitness giant Body Power. Body Power is a fitness brand from U.K. with a global chain of fitness stores, clothing, gyms and events run by Nick Ortan. Sahil khan along with Sam Khan who is a popular film director and producer, …

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Will there be an Indian Mr. Olympia?

Will there be an Indian Mr Olympia

Indians have been competing in strength sports for nearly 1000 years now.  It only makes sense that Indians would pick up bodybuilding quickly and become one of the leading countries in the sport.  However, bodybuilding is a rather new phenomena to India, but is quickly rising as India’s favorite sport. The father of bodybuilding, Eugen Sandow, made sure to visit …

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The Truth About How Alcohol Plummets T-Levels & Increases Body Fat

Alcohol and Testosterone

Many of us enjoy a cheeky drink now and then. But are you aware of the impact alcohol can have on your testosterone levels? Beer, wine, and even supposedly ‘healthy’ spirits can play havoc with hormone production, not to mention your waistline. If you’re looking to get or maintain a lean, muscular physique, then watching your alcohol intake should be …

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Varun Dhawan shares his New Workout techniques and diet plan!

Varun Dhawan body diet

Varun Dhawan is geared up these days preparing for his upcoming action packed movie Kalank. Varun is known to be very regular when it comes to his workout and inspite of injuries on the set, he continues to train hard for crazy action scenes in the movie. Director Abhishek Varman has ensured that he gets all the gym facilities on …

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Arambam Boby: From Struggle to Stardom

Arambam Boby 10th WBPF

Another feather in the cap! Again an Indian bodybuilder has won on an international platform. Arambam Boby is no ordinary performer, he is bodybuilder  who has grabbed the world title for the 8th time. Before this, he won this title 7 times in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Overall, 7 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. …

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