Tiger Shroff’s workout regime and MMA for ripped abs

Tiger Shroff MMA workout abs

Look at the picture posted by Tiger Shroff on his Instagram recently flaunting his chiseled 6 pack abs as he is done for the day with his workout! If you guessed it right, yes it is his MMA behind the lean muscles and ripped abs! MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has always been an integral part of the workout routine of …

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How to recover faster from a workout injury

Are you unable to work out because of a recent surgery or stress fractures? If you are an athlete, bodybuilder or a sportsperson, injuries may happen at some point in time. The catch however, is how to heal faster and get back to the groove of competition. There have been numerous instances of athletes, bodybuilders and sports persons whose promising …

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Why BCAAs? Which Foods in India have these?

BCAA foods

What are BCAAs?  One of the secrets to stay physically strong and healthy is reconfiguring your body’s biochemistry in the right way. In that effort, Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs can help you out. Consuming BCAAs is particularly important for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. BCAAs are considered as one the most effective nutritional supplements by many nutritionists. These essential …

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Golap Rabha from India Wins the Mr. World 2018

Golap Rabha Mr. World 2018

Golaph Rabha from India won the World Fitness Federation (WFF)-World Body Building Federation (WBBF) Mr. World Title at the event held in Lithuania during Oct. 19-21, 2018. Rabha did put up a nearly flawless display and came out as a winner in all the three categories he took part – Pro Mr. World in 80kg, Men’s Pro World Bodybuilding, and Men …

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How to Resume Bodybuilding or Workout after a Break

Resume workout after a break

For fitness lovers, exercise and diet are not just mere ‘aspects’ of their lives but their habits. The aching muscles, sweaty shirts, smell of protein shake, par boiled vegetables, tossed chicken and no-junk days are the things that excite them. They are so dedicated to their fitness needs that their entire schedule nestles around their carefully curated meals and workout …

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