How to choose an online trainer in India for your fitness goals?

Along with the other nations, India too has gone digital. Internet as a platform is being used extensively to bridge the gap between the giver and the taker. One such area where internet has made a remarkable influence is fitness training which has now evolved into Online Fitness Training. With more and more Indians using the power of internet, online …

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Sahil Khan Launches Online Training Program for All


We have seen cricketers and models turning actors, we have also seen actors turning politicians but have you ever heard of an actor turning to a bodybuilder? It seems rather impossible for a person to give up on the lime light, glitter of the silver screen and the oodles of money and fame for sweating it out at a gym, …

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5 ways to know if someone is using Steroids


Steroids – the most popular and yet the most secretive and controversial word in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. Every now and then we hear about how rampant steroid use has become in mainstream sport of bodybuilding even in India. The fact is that steroids have become so common and are so easily available that even an average gym …

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Understand types of supplements and what they contain

The profession of bodybuilding stands firm on three pillars – workout, diet and supplements. You cannot become a competent athlete by ignoring either of the three. Most of the enthusiasts who enter this profession have very little to no information about the diet. People tend to give more importance to training and workout; not realizing that without it being supported …

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Top 10 health fitness and bodybuilding infographics

Health and fitness is a never ending topic. Every health discipline, every health science, every form of work out, has its own unique way of approaching health. Learning and implementing such a vast data base is almost impossible however, there are a few ways through which you can get hold of this reliable information on health in an easy manner. …

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