How to use supplements by Bhupendra Dhawan and Mukesh Singh

The profession of bodybuilding is ruled by a myth that one cannot be a successful bodybuilder without loading himself with ample of supplements. It is because of this that this sport has become unaffordable for many aspirants.

Bhupendra Singh, along with Mukesh Singh, states the supplement facts with sheer simplicity for today’s youth who is highly misguided. Every person entering the gym is running blindly after protein supplements. People are consuming more than required amounts of amino which clearly indicates that people still don’t understand the role of protein in the human body. Mukesh Singh shares his protein intake schedule to help people understand how much of protein they should consume in a day and what is the most appropriate time for it.

Bhupendra also addresses concerns regarding pre-workouts, BCAAs and creatinine. One by one, the two experts specify the role of each supplement and also chalk out their correct usage. Since, supplements, be it protein or BCAA, are expensive, Bhupendra also suggests more economical substitutes and affordable combinations that can give your physique a boost without straining your pockets.

Lastly, the duo also talks about how people over consume chicken and eggs in the name of protein. This short video highlights very smartly that solely relying on supplements will never give your dream physique. Working out is very important and so is following the right natural diet.

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