Full body exercise with one pair of dumbbell by Sh. Bhupendra Dhawan and Mukesh Singh


Watch this video where Sh. Bhupendra Dhawan and Mr. India Mukesh Singh, share their training tips on how to do a full body exercise or workout to stay fit using just a single dumbbell. You don’t need any fancy equipments or gym to stay fit, all you need is just a dumbbell. You can do this exercise anywhere be at home or during your travel, this is the least expensive and easiest workout for your entire body that helps you stay fit.

Visiting a gym regularly is a time consuming activity, which not all of us can afford to do. Also, storing exercise equipments requires a lot of space at home, however a single pair of dumbbell hardly occupies any space and can help you achieve your fitness goals at the comfort of your home. You can carry this dumbbell with you anywhere you travel. All you need to do is just spare a few minutes out of your daily routine and workout on different body parts with a single dumbbell as shown in this video.
This is a 20-30 minutes of workout with one pair of dumbbell done with a sets of 2 each from shoulder to leg. It includes workout of all body parts like shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, chest, forearms, legs etc. It also includes adequate breaks i.e. while moving from one body part to another. You can do 1-3 set of each as per your comfort level. This workout can be done by anyone men, women and children alike as suggested by Shri Bhupendra Dhawan.

Sh. Bhupendra Dhawan is a Dronacharya Awardee in the field of powerlifting and a bodybuilder of international prestige. He owns the gym Dronacharya and is also a trainer for power lifting.

Mr. Mukesh Singh is a bodybuilder and a power lifting champion par excellence. He has been Mr. India consistently and repetitively for years together. He has won quite many awards in bodybuilding competitions at international and national level. He has been a coach and mentor for several athletes competing at an international and national level.

Dronacharya Bhupendra Dhawan has started a series of videos on full body workout, power lifting, posing, supplement and such other topics of interest for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to help them reap the benefit of his professional training.

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