How to do posing by Sh. Bhupendra Dhawan and Mukesh Singh

It’s not just the right body than makes you win you on stage, it’s also the right way to pose that counts. Afterall, what’s the point behind sculpting an excellent body if you fail to showcase appropriately in front of the judges? There are some good posing strategies that a bodybuilder must know before he steps on to the stage to win.

How do I flex muscles in front of the judges, how do I pose my back? This video brings you all of this information on posing essentials and much more that can help you outperform your competitors on stage.

It is interesting to watch how, Sh. Bhupendra makes you aware of the first and most important body parts to showcase to the judges. Most of the bodybuilders start their  posing performance from upper parts like biceps. Biceps are the easiest to build. However, Sh. Bhupendra recommends to begin posing first from the abdomen and thighs and then proceeding to the next body parts. You can win a good amount of points right from the start, if you begin your posing with abdomen and things. That’s precisely the approach followed by expert bodybuilders.

He guides you on how to expose the best parts of your body while hiding the weak areas. He explains what poses to be done and how. You cannot win a competition by just blindly following what others on stage. You need to prepare yourself every day on how to pose by posing in front of your mirror at home for at least 20-30 minutes. That’s the amount of effort you need to put in the preparation. He introduces you to the 7 compulsory poses i.e. front double biceps, front lat spread, side chest, back double bicep with calf, back lats spread, side triceps and abdomen with thighs. Bhupendra demonstrates how to do each of these 7 poses in the right manner. He also says that it is equally important to have a good skin and not just good body. Posing looks best provided you have a healthy beautiful skin free of rashes. He recommends to have more of green vegetables, water and fruits for a healthy skin and avoid using colours on your skin that give an artificial shiny look, use of such colours can get you disqualified from the competition.

You can watch Bhupendra guiding his students  on how to do each of the 7 compulsory poses in the right manner in this video.

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