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Sangram Chougule is out with yet another video on his YouTube channel – Fitness With Sangram Chougule. The recently launched platform has become a great hit and fitness enthusiasts from all over the globe are appreciating Sangram’s efforts in teaching the right way to do exercises. Sangram started his video tutorials with Back exercises as it is the largest and the most important muscle in the body. In the first video he demonstrated the corrected way of doing Lat Pull Down. Now his second video focuses on another Back exercise – Seated Rowing.

Seated Rowing is a great back exercise as it targets almost all the back muscles and also works on developing the lower body to some extent. The effect on the lower body depends upon the equipment choice – machine or resistance band.

Note: There are two types of machines – lever and cable. In the video, Sangaram is using a cable type seated rowing machine.


  • Sit with your back straight and place your legs on the vertical support. Place your hands on the handle and take position.
  • Now breathe out and pull the handles towards yourself taking the elbows a little behind your back.
  • Now breathe in and extend your elbows such that they are straight. This completes one rep.
  • Do not lean forward while exercising. Ensure that your shoulders are in line with your hips. Kepe your knees slightly bend and shoulders pulled together throughout the exercise.
  • Do 3 sets of varying repetitions but increase the weight with every set.
  • While using a lever type machine, place the feet firmly on the floor and hold one handle in each hand.
  • When using a resistance band, fix to a firm support and keep it close to the floor. Sit down. Extend your legs and hold a handle in each hand. Now pull till your elbows point to the back.

Seated rowing works on the larger back muscles, shoulder blades and muscles under the shoulder. Using lever type machine or resistance band also work on your abdominal muscles. Stay tuned for more from Sangram Chougale! Subscribe to his channel for more for these great videos.

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