Follow These Practical Tips For A Successful Fitness Resolution This 2018

January 2018 is ahead and yeah it’s time to continue the fitness resolutions ritual! Every damn year you swear to conquer your fitness resolutions, you start dreaming of a ripped physique; aspiring a bunch of women chasing you. But wait, here is a reality check! An initial couple of months goes pretty well, and then the potato fries take over the dumbbell flies. Apparently, you become lazy and give up all your resolutions of the year.
Alright, so with this piece I am not trying to demotivate you in regards to your fitness resolutions for 2018, rather I’ll be sharing the top 7 practical tips that will help you to stick to your resolutions this year! So, here we go:

Hire a Certified Personal Trainer

Well, this tip might seem expensive, but trust me there is a reason why I have put it at the top of the list. Your personal trainer (considering he is good enough) will help you to unleash your real potential on the gym floor. He motivates you to train harder and perform that extra rep which gives you that extra edge. Not only that, once you hook with a good coach, you become accountable for your efforts in context to diet and workout. As a result, he helps you achieve your fitness goal in an efficient manner.

Get a Fitness Trainer

Start Hanging Out With Experienced Fitness Freak Friend

As they say, if you want to become successful, surround yourself with the successful people. The same principle applies to fitness, start hanging out with a fitness freak friend and he will drag you to the gym for sure. Nothing is better than having an experienced and a knowledgeable training partner. Trust me it works like wonder! Share your resolution with your friend and simply ask him to help you in sticking to it. If your training partner is dedicated, the quality of training skyrockets!

Stop Comparing Yourself To The Instagram Models

Let’s be honest, you always want to look like those ripped Instagram fitness models right? Well, you need to calm down and start living in the real world. Most of those models have been training since decades and more than that majority of them stays on steroids year long. In fact, their physique is their identity and therefore their reasons for using anabolic drugs is still justified. But hey, you neither want to compete in a professional bodybuilding show nor wants to become a professional fitness model right? Therefore, stop expecting to look like those ripped models within a couple of months. It takes some decade of dedication to reach there. Hence, set a realistic goal and keep working towards it. Don’t be upset, you can still get six packs naturally if your nutrition and training stays on point!

Set Realistic Deadlines and Goals

Setting up deadlines will help you to stay on track for a set period at least. A lot of people fail in their fitness resolutions due to lack of a deadline. Moreover, do not set an unrealistic goal or an impractical deadline. For instance, gaining 5kg of muscle in a couple of months or losing 20 kilos within 2 weeks. Trust me it won’t work and you will fail miserably in that case. And unfortunately, you will quit your fitness goals. Hence, in order to avoid such things, set a realistic goal and plan a practical deadline for the same.

Post Your Fitness Resolution On Social Media

Some fears can be really productive. Making your resolution public gives you a psychological boost to stick to it. Posting your fitness resolution on your social media platforms will bound you to stick to it for a long period of time. Especially if your friends/followers keep checking on your progress updates. Here is another tip, subsequent to the resolution post, start posting your stories sharing your fitness regimen. It is even better if you share it with an experienced fitness lifter who might guide you and will help you to stay persistent.

Share your goals on Social Media

Make a Likeminded Community

You party with your friends, you booze with them then why not train with them? Well, you might have different goals, for instance for some it could to gaining muscle or for some dropping those extra kilos. However, working together towards your respective goal can help you to sustain the motivation. However, make sure the community comprises of some kickass dedicated people.

Reward Yourself

Breakdown your major goals into micro goals, for instance instead of focusing on dropping 8 kg in a month focus on dropping 2kgs per week. Plan a reward for your every goal accomplishment. It could be a cheat meal or maybe a cheat day (prefer cheat meal) or maybe something materialistic like an apparel or an accessory. We humans love rewards and this boost our morale to keep going. Therefore, give it a shot and choose your reward wisely.

Hence, follow the above-mentioned tips and witness yourself conquering the fitness goals successfully this year.

Good Luck!

About Rachit Dua

Rachit Dua is an advanced certified personal trainer for general and special population (people with medical issues). He is also a certified sports nutritionist and an online fitness consultant with Team_Aminder. You can reach him out on: Facebook Instagram

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