The Road To Arnold Classic 2016 Asia by Siddhant Jaiswal

Siddhant Jaiswal is a new but a very well known name for the bodybuilding fraternity. At a young age, this remarkable athlete has made quite a name for himself. Siddhant is a very poplar and capable IBBFF Men’s Physique Athlete and Fitness Model who has already earned an international fame. We, his fans, awed by his impeccable physique, lovingly address him as the Aesthetic King. He rose to fame with his title as Mr. India 2015 and since then has not turned back. His fans will now be able to see him in action at one of the most anticipated bodybuilding events – Arnold Classic Asia. The event has commenced in Hong Kong on 20th August 2016 and our Star Jaiswal is already out there waiting for his chance to get on stage. He will be setting the stage on fire on 21St August. Luckily we had a chance to share a few words with him while he was preparing himself for this mega event. Here is a brief of our conversation with him:

Here is the transcript of the video.

1)   How are you preparing for the Arnold Classic?

Well, I am preparing since the past 8 months. As you are aware, I participated in Amateur Olympia in Nov 2015. Although, I had worked hard and given it my all, I still could not get the desired results. So, I have been preparing since then for my future events. I am focusing on everything I can like my weaker parts and muscles. I am learning how to give a better presentation and how to give a better performance. I have studied the IFBB rules and regulations thoroughly and adhering to those, I have prepared myself. I am very confident now.

2)   What is your aim?

Like, I said, I am very confident and very positive right now. I want to win the title and qualify for the Pro Card. I am counting days and waiting for 21st August to arrive so that I can get on stage and show the judges what I have been doing. I want to impress them and win. That is my only aim – win Arnold Classic.

3)   How difficult or tough this journey is for you?

Tough and difficult, these are the scenarios for people who come into this profession with expectations. Some people take up bodybuilding thinking that they would win events, make a name for themselves, enjoy fame, status, publicity, popularity etc. This is why they want to compete. However, I do not have such expectations. The only purpose for me to enter this field is that I want to compete for my nation. The number of Pro Card Holders in India can be counted on fingers. I want to win a medal for country. That is all on my mind. I will do it, sooner or later. I will and I know it.

4)   What is your dream?

I have just one dream, win Mr. Olympia. I am working hard, day and night for it. I know it is a long journey for me, but I will reach there. Even if I lose my hands or legs, I will still not give up on bodybuilding. I will participate in handicap, but I will still compete. As long as I live, I will keep working hard for my dream. No matter how much of negativity surrounds me, I will not let it hold me back. No matter how much time it takes, one day I will win and fulfill my dream – get India the title of Mr. Olympia

We are moved and inspired by his determination for his profession and his nation. We sincerely hope that Siddhant’s hard work pays off and he returns back with a shining gold in his hand. No matter what the outcome is, Siddhant Jaiswal, you are already a winner for us. We wish you all the very best. Go make our nation proud, once again!

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