Journey to Asian Championship 2016 by Manoj Patil

India has entered the golden phase of bodybuilding. The profession has reached a popularity far greater than it ever enjoyed before. More and more athletes are stepping onto the stage and our athletes are not just doing great here but also on international platforms. One such gem to make India proud is Manoj Patil. Every bodybuilding enthusiast knows him and looks up to him. Manoj rose to fame by bagging the title of Mr. India in March 2016 and now this muscular man has set his eyes on Mr. Asia. Our man is already out there waiting for his turn to set the stage on fire. We got a chance to catch hold of him while he was still amidst his preparations for the upcoming event. Here is a brief overview of our conversation with him.

  • You will be participating in Mr. Asia. Tell us a little about your workout routine?

Honestly speaking, the workout is not much different from my usual routines. It is just that since the event is just around the corner, my workout includes a lot of cardio. When I get up in the morning and before I start my daily session, there is almost an hour of cardio. Even before my evening workout, there is about one and half hour of work out. The gym sessions are supported by a well-balanced diet and a good amount of rest. Hence, the only difference is incorporating more of cardio as it helps to break down fat and develop lean muscle.

  • When is the event going to be held?

Like I said he event is just around the corner – only 10 more days to go. It is going to be held in Bhutan between 02 and 08 September 2016.


  • How does it feel to be a part of Mr. Asia?
This is all a dream for me. My last event was Mr. India which was a national event. It feels great that I am going to be a part of such a huge international event. I have been chosen to represent my country at Mr. Asia and it makes me feel really proud. The event is only 10 days away and this is a very crucial period. I am preparing all I can, I am being extremely focused and making sacrifices too. I am too strict with my routines and my diet. I have stopped with sweets and many of the things that I like to eat. There is just one thing on my mind – win for my country.

  • Did you get a chance to peek into India’s performance history at Mr. Asia?

To be honest, I do not know. I have no idea who participated in the last year or in the past. I do not know who won a medal or whether or not India has won any medal. I am not into the past. My focus is on preparing for the upcoming event and win Gold for my country. With all the hard work and determination, I am sure that I will return with a Gold medal definitely.

We too hope and wish that the title of Mr. Asia 2016 is bagged by India. We have seen Manoj preparing for the event and he indeed looks in great shape. We have high hopes from him. Whether India gets a gold or not, Manoj’s performance will indeed be his best so far. We wish him the best of luck for his upcoming endeavors.

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