An Exclusive Interview With Mr. India Manoj Patil

Interview with Manoj Patil

People struggle for years to emerge as successful. There are hundreds among us who give up half way on their goals owing to adversities and failures. However, there are a few personalities who chase success with all their might and prove to the world that nothing is impossible as long as you don’t give up and one such person is …

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Getting To Know The Core King – Siddhant Jaiswal

Interview with Siddhant Jaiswal

It is admirable to see that India has emerged as the land of promising sports personalities. Our athletes have stepped into all the major sports all across the globe and are making a name for them and for the nation. Bodybuilding too, has flourished immensely as a sport. Over the years, the number of enthusiasts taking up bodybuilding and other …

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Getting Up Close And Personal With World Champion Pavan Shetty

Exclusive Interview with Pavan Shetty

With his impressive abs, toned body, huge muscles and a boyish charm, the WABBA world champion Mr. Pavan Shetty is no doubt more than an inspiration to many. Born on 22nd April, 1986, this 29 year old bodybuilder from Bangalore has went on making invariable achievements out of his love for the sport. In face of all the trails life …

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