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In this section we bring you opinions and advice from the experts in fitness and bodybuilding industry. Our experts are the top athletes, trainers, celebrities and coach in India. Here they will share their experience with you all to inspire, motivate and guide you.

Stay Natural, Say No To Steroids Says Anand Arnold

Anand Arnold Say no to steroids

Anand Arnold is a name that has made India proud on more than just one occasion. Known as Indian Arnold, he is India’s first and only wheelchair bound bodybuilder. Anand proved it to the world that no handicap can keep you away from your dreams. Inspite of being paralyzed from waist down, Anand decided to hit the gym and make …

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How To Avoid Overtraining – By Yatinder Singh

Over the past few decades, India has seen remarkable athletes stepping onto the stage of fitness and bodybuilding. A number of athletes have proved themselves amidst all the adversities and have emerged as iconic figures for our generation. Hence, the number of youngsters entering this profession is increasing by leaps and bounds each year. While they are loaded with determination …

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Journey to Asian Championship 2016 by Manoj Patil

India has entered the golden phase of bodybuilding. The profession has reached a popularity far greater than it ever enjoyed before. More and more athletes are stepping onto the stage and our athletes are not just doing great here but also on international platforms. One such gem to make India proud is Manoj Patil. Every bodybuilding enthusiast knows him and …

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The Road To Arnold Classic 2016 Asia by Siddhant Jaiswal

Road to Arnold Classic by Siddhant Jaiswal

Siddhant Jaiswal is a new but a very well known name for the bodybuilding fraternity. At a young age, this remarkable athlete has made quite a name for himself. Siddhant is a very poplar and capable IBBFF Men’s Physique Athlete and Fitness Model who has already earned an international fame. We, his fans, awed by his impeccable physique, lovingly address him …

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