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In this section we bring you opinions and advice from the experts in fitness and bodybuilding industry. Our experts are the top athletes, trainers, celebrities and coach in India. Here they will share their experience with you all to inspire, motivate and guide you.

Difference Between Bodybuilding and Powerlifting by Mukesh Singh

Difference Between Bodybuilding and PowerLifting

Bodybuilding is one of the emerging sports in India. Over the past few years, our perception towards this profession has changed tremendously and we are seeing more and more enthusiasts entering this filed willingly. However, there are still a lot of things about this profession that are far being understood properly. Due to this lack of information and awareness, youngsters …

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How To Recover From Injury by Anil Gochhikar

Recovering from Injury

Every sportsman in this world has been through a sorrowful injury at least once in his entire career. Looking at the level of competition and the amount of practice and efforts that go into it, a bodybuilder or an athlete is bound to injure him at some point of time. While injury is a common scenario, it must not be …

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Difference between Bodybuilding and Men’s Physique by Siddhant Jaiswal

Difference Between Bodybuilding and Mens Physique

India has long known bodybuilding and fitness as a sport. Indians have enjoyed glory on the international platforms and over the years, have emerged as tough contenders in various mega bodybuilding and fitness events all across the globe. While it flourished as a sport and the number of enthusiasts has increased tremendously over the years, certain aspects of this powerful …

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