Suhas Khamkar out of Mr World 2014, Arun Shokeen and Dinesh Kamble in Finals

Suhas Khamkar has been knocked out of 68th IFBB Men’s World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships 2014, which is being held in Brazil. The semi-finals were judged on 15th Nov 2014. Suhas failed to make it to the top 6 in his weight category. He was competing in the 85 KG weight category. Only top six athletes in each weight group make it to the final round. This is a huge disappointment for India as every one was having high expectation from Suhas Khamar. Some were even looking at Suhas to get Gold Medal. Another India Bodybuilder, Navan Mahtre also could not make it to the top 6 at the semi finals.

However the good news is that 2 Indian Bodybuilders Arun Shokeen and Dinesh Kamble made it in the finals. They have competed in the 60 KG weight category.

Four athletes from India had taken part in this event
Suhas Khamakr – 85 KG weight category
Arun Shokeen – 60 KG weight category
Dinesh Kamble – 60 KG weight category
Navnath Mahtre – 75 KG Weight category

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Arun Shokeen  in Finals

Suhas Khamkar Out of Mr World 2014

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