Top 5 Home Workout For 6 Pack Abs (No Equipment’s)

Top 5 Abs Workout at Home

Everyone dreams of six pack abs, However getting one needs hard work and dedication. Not only you have to sweat out during the workout at the gym, you also have to be strict on you diet. But in today’s busy world, people often complain that they do not get time to go to gym after their day to day work. That’s why they feel that six pack abs are only for fitness professional and celebrities. However this is not true, on the contrary, abs workout can be easily done at home as compared to other body parts workout (Easier means, its easier to do these at home compare to other workouts). Also the good thing is, most of the workouts does not any equipment’s which means you can stat right away. You can just use your body weight and floor for these workouts. So all that you need is dedication, consistency and strict diet. [ We will write a detailed article on diet plan for 6 pack abs shortly]

So there are the 5 most effective abs workout that you can do at home. This workout plan has been designed to hit all the areas of you abs.

1) Leg Criss Cross (x 25)
Lie down on the floor on your back, keep you hand tucked to your body. lift your head and legs as shown in the picture. Now move your right leg over your left leg, then move your left leg over your right leg. Repeat this movement 25 times making sure that your legs and your head does not touch the floor. This workout will target the mid section and lower abdomen area.

2) Cross over crunch (x 15 each side)
Lie down on your back on the floor and keep your right leg over your left leg. Keep your hands behind your head as shown in the picture. Do the normal crunches but as you move up twist your body and touch your left elbow to your right knee. Do this movement for 15 times then repeat the same by keeping left leg over right. This workout will target your side abs and obliques.

3) Crunches (x 20)
This is same old crunches which still is very effective abs workout for your upper abs.

4) Flutter Kicks (x 30)
For Flutter kicks abs workout, lie down on the floor and lift both your legs about 3 inches above ground. Now kick your right leg up and bring it back to the original position (3 inches above ground) then kick your left leg up. Keep doing this movement as though you are walking fast. Make sure to keep your stomach tight through out this workout. Do this 30 times.

5) Heel Touch (x 25)
This is a very effective exercise for your lower side abs to shape your love handles. Lie down flat on your back and keep you legs folded. Now touch you right ankle with your right hand then the touch your left ankle with your left hand. Keep alternating this movement for 25 times.

Top 5 Home Workout For 6 Pack Abs (No Equipment’s) - Exercise Movement
Top 5 Home Workout For 6 Pack Abs (No Equipment’s) - Exercise  Movement

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