Barbell Bench Press

Chest Workout Bench Press

Bench Press can be regarded as the bread and butter of chest workout. Its the most basic chest workout and just cannot be ignored. It offers huge potential for increasing strength and most people can progress rapidly to heavier weights. You must have seen people boasting for how much weight they can bench press. Bench press targets the entire chest and also some portion of your arms. Its main focus area is mid chest. When don’t correctly, you can see quick and good results.

Form is very important for this workout. Please check below carefully the exercise movement for this workout. A good warm up is necessary before you being with the exercise.

Barbell Bench Press - Exercise Movement
Barbell Bench Press - Exercise  Movement
Barbell Bench Press
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Barbell Bench PressLie down on your back on a flat bench. Ensure that your foot is firmly footed on the ground (This is very important for a stable lift). Lift the bar from the rack and hold it over your chest. Your head, shoulders, and buttocks should be solidly on the bench. Keep the bar straight over the middle of your chest. The distance between your had grip is important, It must be shoulder width or slightly higher.
Barbell Bench PressBreathe in and lower the bar to your midchest area. Lower your arms together until your forearms are vertical at the low point. Your elbow must be at 45 degree to your body. Lower the weight in a controlled manner and do not just drop the weight. Ensure that your wrists and elbows stay in align
Barbell Bench PressHold on for a sec and start lifting the weight again. Drive the the strength for the lift from your chest arms all the way to your legs. Ensure that you lift the weight straight up. If the weight is heavy let your partner stop you.
Barbell Bench PressList the bar all the way up to the starting position. Reset your breath and repeat the cycle.

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