7 Minutes Home Fitness Workout for Busy People

7 Minutes Home Workout

Who need this type of workout?

Exercises are required by everybody, but some people who are having a busy life style and cannot spare time for gym, walk or jogging, need this type of short duration workout. Such people can take a short break in between their work and perform these exercises to improve their physical condition. 5 to 10 minutes of break can be utilized to have a cup of coffee with colleagues or it can make you fresh and give you a better feel if you simply perform some exercises.


What is required for this workout?

Only 7 minutes are required for this workout, and nothing else. One can perform these exercises in the office or at home very easily. In most of these exercises, apparatus used are easily available both at office and home. You don’t have to bother changing your clothes or shoes. It is very convenient method for better health.

Use your mobile to keep an eye on the duration of each workout.

7 minutes workout

30 seconds Jumping jack
30 seconds Mountain climbing
30 seconds Plank
60 seconds Jumping jack
30 seconds Free squat
30 seconds Push ups
30 seconds Jog at place
30 seconds Alternate lunges
30 seconds Leg raises
30 seconds Wall sit
30 seconds Chair dips for triceps
30 seconds Abdominal crunch
30 seconds Cool down jumping jack

How to do it

  1. Start with Jumping jack for 30 seconds.

Jumping Jack for 30 seconds

Stand with arms by the sides of the body. Now, jump and let the arms fly away from the body and the legs land away from each other at a distance of one foot between. Jump again to come back to position one. It is a good way to warm up for an intensive 7 minute workout.

  1. Mountain climbing for 30 seconds

Mountain climbing for 30 seconds

After finishing jumping jack start doing mountain climbing, by making a pushup position on the floor. In this position you have to pull your knees towards your elbows one at a time. Keep the movement slow and nice, don’t be in a hurry to finish and don’t count repetitions. This exercise works on core area, also strengthens the shoulder and improves balance.

  1. Plank for 30 seconds

Plank for 30 seconds

For plank you have to settle your elbows and toes on the floor. Now keeping the body straight put all the force on both elbows and toes to lift the whole body up in the air. Keep the back straight. This exercise puts little more stress on core after mountain climbing which is a good way to strengthen the lower back. Generally back gets weak when people do many hours sitting job. This weak back can be made strong with such exercises.

  1. Jumping jack 1 minute

Jumping Jack for 30 seconds

As soon as you are done with plank, stand up and start “jumping jack” once again. This shift in the aerobic activity after anaerobic activity gives you an “interval training effect” which is known to burn fat much more than traditional cardio or aerobic workout routines.

Do it little faster than how you did in the warm up.

  1. Free squat 30 reps

Free squat 30 reps

Strengthening your quads, glutes and lower back, squat is an ideal exercise in every workout. Do slow reps for squat, making sure about not letting the knees cross your feet while you are sitting down in squat. Just look at the knees and see if they are crossing your feet. If they are crossing, you need to correct your form by pushing your hips backwards and slightly bending forward, while keeping your lower back arched.

  1. Pushups for 30 seconds

Pushups for 30 seconds

This exercise works on pectorals (chest) and triceps. It also strengthens the shoulders and because one has to maintain straight body posture, it also works on core just like plank. The movement should be nice and clean, full range of motion. Make sure your body is in one line from neck to toes, absolutely straight.

  1. Jog at place for 30 seconds

Jog at place for 30 seconds

This is a good exercise for an increased blood flow throughout the body. Breathe fast while doing it, and don’t keep the speed of movement very too high and let the knees travel all the way up to your naval height in each rep. Do not forget to keep an eye on the mobile for 30 seconds.

  1. Alternate Lunges for 30 seconds

Alternate Lunges for 30 seconds

This is a very good exercise for your Glutes, Quads and Hamstrings. This exercise is very popular and loved by those who enjoy working their legs. It strengthens and shapes the whole lower body when done with proper focus and with good form. One has to make sure that the knee in this movement doesn’t moves beyond the level of feet. Let’s say, 90 degree angle of your knee joint should be the ending point in each rep.

  1. Leg raises for 30 seconds

Leg raises for 30 seconds

When we are doing some quality exercises in such a short period of 30 seconds, we should not forget the importance of leg raises for abdominals. There are many exercises for abs but leg raises are all time favorite an easy to do. Just lie down on the floor, keep the palms facing floor under the hips and raise your head up wards looking at the roof, start the movement by joining both legs together and pulling them up to the level where you can easily manage the movement for 30 seconds. Keep doing the movement steadily with straight legs (little bend at the knee is fine). Exhale when you are raising the legs and inhale while the legs are going down.

  1. Wall sit for 30 seconds

Wall sit for 30 seconds

You just have to sit with your back supported by the wall. The angle of your knees and the angle of your hip would be 90 degree. This is an Isometric workout where do don’t move but with the passing time, it becomes difficult to hold on to this position. This works on all the lower body parts, specially the Quadriceps.

  1. Chair dips for triceps 30 seconds

Chair dips for triceps 30 seconds

Grab a chair and put your palms on the seat with your back towards the chair. Keep your feet on the floor away from the chair and let the body slowly go towards the floor putting force on the triceps muscles. In this way lot of body weight would fall on the triceps muscles and when you are gone to a particular extend, now push yourself up squeezing your Triceps muscle.

  1. Abdominal crunches for 30 seconds

Abdominal crunches for 30 seconds

Let’s understand how to do this effective exercise. Lie down on the floor and bend your knees keeping the feet on the ground. The angle of the knee should be less than 90 degree. Lift your arms straight up towards the roof and exhale with force while pushing your body upwards. The occurrence of crunch in the abdominal muscles is what you have to feel while doing it. Now inhale and come back to the starting position.

  1. Cool down jumping jack for 30 seconds

Jumping Jack for 30 seconds

For a good end to the short intensive session, perform jumping jack slowly for 30 seconds. In this way you not only loosen just tightened muscles, but also stretch them nicely, you also push the blood flow with force to various parts while doing it, which enables quick recovery to the used muscles.


The importance of exercises in day to day life is well known to everybody, but when people don’t have time to visit gym they start making excuses to themselves which leads to fat gains and weak muscles. This type of workout is easy and effective at the same time. One should find a reason to workout rather than looking for excuses because job and business are important but our own healthy body is most important thing we could ever have.

One should start this 7 minutes workout and utilize the little time out of the busy hectic schedule for the sake of good health. Never forget, healthy brain resides in a healthy body.

7 Minutes Home Fitness Workout for Busy People - Exercise Movement
7 Minutes Home Fitness Workout for Busy People - Exercise  Movement

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