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The profession of bodybuilding stands firm on three pillars – workout, diet and supplements. You cannot become a competent athlete by ignoring either of the three. Most of the enthusiasts who enter this profession have very little to no information about the diet. People tend to give more importance to training and workout; not realizing that without it being supported by a proper diet, no workout can give you the desired results. Supplements are an integral part of the diet for anyone into the profession of fitness and bodybuilding. Supplements are needed by your worked out muscles so that they can recover and grow. Thus, the type and quality of supplements that you choose makes a huge difference on your overall physique.

Therefore, instead of just picking up a supplement randomly, you must seek information about the supplements available and their nutritive value. This will help you to choose the one that caters to your specific needs. Don’t just blindly follow a bodybuilder who tells or advertises you to buy a supplement just because he is paid to do so. Athletes will endorse any brands which pays them good. We cannot blame them, this is how the fitness and advertising industry works. But you don’t have to blindly follow what they are saying, instead do your homework and understand the product.

It is always advisable to study the supplement before vouching for it. However, there are hundreds of products in the market and newer ones keep coming in. Then how will you know about all these products? Is it even possible to know what all these supplements contain and what do these constituents do? Well the answer is Yes.

Fitness Infographics has presented a very valuable infographic that gives you a detailed screenshot of all the possible supplements that are present out there. The best part is that they have not evaluated the supplements based on the brand value. Instead they have evaluated the constituents that make up a supplement. You therefore get an unbiased picture that will help you in choosing a supplement for your routine. Check out the complete infographic here.

Fitness Infographic

How to infer this infographic?

The supplements have been analyzed using 6 evaluating parameters namely – Mass Builder, Strength, Fat Loss, Energy, Health and Mental Acuity. Each parameter has been attributed a colour as follows.

Parameters and Colours

The supplements listed in the infographic are followed by one or more boxes having the above mentioned colors indicating that the supplement is great for that particular parameter.


Diff Types of SupplementsThe first supplement in the infographic is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) that is followed by 3 boxes – Red, Green and Yellow. This means that ATP is great as a Mass Builder (Red), Strength (Green) and Fat Loss (Yellow). Likewise you can understand the property of each supplement.

Based on this index, choose a supplement that suits your need. If you are on a weight loss routine, you do not need a supplement that is a good mass builder or for strengthening. Therefore, analyze the supplements and choose carefully. A supplement that has more number of boxes can be called a versatile supplement. It is better to choose a supplement that serves more than one purpose if you are on a rigorous training. This can help you save up money on buying multiple supplements to fulfill your needs.

We hope that with this brilliant infographic, you will be able to improve your diet and routine by making the right supplement choice.

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