#LiveOnIBB Session 2 – QnA With The Core King Siddhant Jaiswal

Who does not know the true Aesthetic King– Siddhanth Jaiswal? Known for his impeccable and flawless stage presence, he has earned quite a name for himself in the past few years. Siddhanth is a reputed IBBF men’s physique and fitness athlete. He has also represented India at the Amateur Arnold Classic in 2015. With his national and international repute, Siddhanth is no less than a role model and icon for the current generation.

In this video, Siddhant has shared his vast knowledge on several crucial aspects of fitness and bodybuilding. He has provided enough guidance on supplements. Right from the role they play in bodybuilding to different types of supplements like weight gainers, fat burners etc. and how important it is to take supplements.  

Siddhant has also shed light on protein. He has shared information on the best available protein sources both for vegetarian and non-vegetarians. He has also talked about different categories of proteins. You will also learn about why and when you should take protein.

You will also see Siddhanth answering questions related to workout and fitness. Whether you should do cardio before or after weight training? Which exercises are good for chest muscles? How should you lose fat and how to get abs? These and many more workout related questions have been tackled in this live session.

In the end, three best questions were selected by Siddhanth and they shall receive RiteBite Max Protein Products. Siddhanth has gone to great lengths in ensuring that he can impart as much knowledge as possible through this live session.

Click below to watch this live session with Siddhant:

Posted by Indian Bodybuilding on Thursday, 6 April 2017

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