Kevin Levrone To Make A Come Back At Mr Olympia 2016, Threat to Phil Heath ?

Kevin and Phil Heath Mr Olympia 2016Kevin Levrone a.k.a the uncrowned king of Mr Olympia is all set to make a come back this year. Yes!! Kevin is going to compete at Mr Olympia 2016 against Phil Heath and Kai Greene. In a video posted at we see Phil talking about Kevin’s comeback.

Phil talks about how he saw kevin as a role model in his early year of bodybuilding. Phil is a big fan himself of Kevin Levrone. Once Phil started competing at pro shows, Kevin had stopped competing. But not he is all excited since Kevin is going to be in the lineup this year. Phil Admits that he has to change his game plan because he has to pose side by side with kevin. He said he will be putting Kevin’s photo on his refrigerator so as to remind him all the time what his competition is going to be this year.

When asked what made Kevin decide to make a come back he says its because of his fans who wanted to see him back on stage. They have been pushing kevin for last 7 – 8 years to make an appearance. So after a gap of 10 years kevin hit the gym this year Jan just to see where he was. Not that he has not been working out for last 10 year, but this time it was different, he was working out with the intention to see if he can still compete. He started lifting weights and going to gym 3-4 times a week. After few weeks when he saw himself in the mirror, he could see his body respond and he gained 40 pounds of muscle. So he thought that he still has it in him to hit the stage and compete. He felt that there is something about the olympia stage and he has some unfinished business ( We think its winning Mr O, He got place 2nd 4 times ) that he has to complete. After this he has his full body scan and checkup done at a doctor just to ensure that everything is all right. And when the reports came out it was all normal. Thats when he decided to confirm that he is going to be back and compete at Mr Olympia 2016.

This makes the Mr Olympia 2016 competition very interesting. Well some feel that this could be a serious threat to the existing Mr Olympia – Phil Heath. While others feel that Kevin has well passed his prime in bodybuilding and may not make a big impact. He may not even get into the top 10 given his age and the fact that there is very less time left for preparation. Also bodybuilding has evolved a lot since Kevin stopped competing professionally. Now the sport has gone to a higher level.

There are few others who believe that this is just a gimik to promote the event (Mr Olympia). Most probably Kevin will not compete and pull out before the event.

Here are some of the comparison picture of Kevin and Phil.

Another Phil Vs Kevin comparison Phil Vs Kevin Side Pose Phil Heath Vs Kevin Levrone Front Pose Kevin Vs Phil Kevin Levrone back at Mr Olympia 2016
Well it will be interesting to see how things turn out and who do we get to see compete at the the Mr Olympia stage this year.

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