IBB Launches Expert Zone Live Series

With ‘Experts Zone Live on IBB’ we are eager to bring some of the best fitness experts from the industry live to connect with you and motivate you, inspire you and help you reach your goals through trusted and authentic guidance.

IBB Expert Zone Live Series

How can experts make a difference when it comes to achieving your fitness goals?

Do you have unresolved queries when it comes to your diet and workout plans? Have you tried hard and still failed to achieve your fitness goals as expected?
The only feasible option for a majority of fitness enthusiasts seems to be, to reach out to the local fitness trainers and undergo the training and diet plans with no scientific or tried and tested backups. Most of the times we also end up navigating through our computer search engines hoping to find the secret to be fit or build your body. The truth is, internet is full of health, diet and workout articles with no quality research to backup or prove the authenticity of information published

Half knowledge is more destructive than no knowledge at all. Different people have different fitness requirements as per the personal state of their health, their personal schedules, level of endurance and so on, hence they need customized answers to their unique queries which is available only with the experts.

Only experts who have actually tasted success with years of practice, training and expertise are the ones you can rely on for genuine answers to your queries when it comes to truly achieving your fitness goals.

All you need to know aboutExperts  Zone Live on IBB’

  • Who are these experts?

These experts are athletes, professionally certified and established trainers, bodybuilding and fitness champions who have won at state, national and international platforms. These are the people who follow what they preach.

  • When can you connect? 

We will inform at least 3 days in advance ( mostly a week in advance) when the athletes will be live on IBB Facebook page or YouTube Channel

  • Who all can ask the experts?

You can jump into the live session and ask your questions. ( Please note that all the questions may not be answered during the live sessions due to time limitations.


  • How to connect and put forth your query to the expert?

All you need to do is log in from your computer or mobile to your facebook account and follow the link below, and Click on the ‘Experts Live on IBB’ section of the page

  • Best Questions will win a prize

In some of the live sessions, the athletes will choose the best questions and the winner will be given a prize.

Please note:

  • No personal questions to the expert shall be entertained
  • Queries with no relevance to fitness or bodybuilding shall not be taken up by the expert
  • Respect the time of the expert and make sure that we utilize the expert’s live time in the most optimum and appropriate manner.

If you would like to see any particular athlete live on IBB, then drop us an email at info@indianbodybuilding.co.in and will try our best to get the athletes live.

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