How to Become a BodyPower Studio or Gym Franchisee in India

BodyPower is a name that is known to every bodybuilding and fitness fan all across the world. This bodybuilding brand is the brain child of exhibition organizer Nick Orton. He realized that even a nation as versatile and as sporty as UK lacked a fitness themed show. He, along with his team, established BodyPower in 2009 that was a conglomerate of numerous sport forms. BodyPower did not just become a power packed haven for the fans but also for health and fitness entrepreneurs who were looking for a platform to present themselves. Over the years, BodyPower has emerged as the biggest fitness show brand and enjoys a global esteem. It attracts more and more members each year who want to make a mark for themselves in this profession. In India too BodyPower has become a known and trusted brand. Now You too can become a franchisee and run your own BodyPower Gym or BodyPower Studio. To help you in getting more clarity on this, we got in touch with the CEO himself, Nick Orton who have us a detailed insight on the matter. Here it is, all that you need to know about being a BodyPower Studio or Gym Franchisee:

What is the concept of BodyPower Gym and BodyPower Studio?

BodyPower Gym and Studio, is an exciting, innovative Gym and Studio franchise model brought to you by the team that has created some of the best global fitness models. Owning a BodyPower Gym or Studio is a very sensible business decision. Being associated with the brand gives you access to an array of facilities and privileges that let you enjoy an esteem you have always dreamed of.

Benefits include:

  • You can own your own GYM
  • Low cost entry: INR 15, 00,000 (Fifteen Lakhs) for Gym and INR 5, 00,000 (Five Lakhs) for Studio
  • You will be fully supported

All BodyPower Gyms and Studios vary in size. Each one has its own unique identity. Each Gym or Studio is individually tailored with equipment and mentors to suit your training styles and needs.

Here are some of the photos of BodyPower Gym/ Studio in UK. We can expect similar setup in India as well.

How can people apply for a franchisee?

Applying for a franchisee is a pretty simple procedure. All you need to do is contact BodyPower team with your request. It can be done through any of these 4 ways:

  • People can visit our BodyPower Studio and Gym Facebook Page
  • Contact our Sales Team
  • Mail to
  • and go to interested in BodyPower Franchisee.

What are the requirements to own a franchisee?

The prime requirements to qualify for a franchise are investors and investments.

  • You would need an investor who is financially as well as socially stable
  • You would need a minimum investment of Rs. 30 Lakhs to set up a Studio and approximately Rs. 65 Lakhs to set up a Gym

How does the process work?

Once, you have contacted the BodyPower team with your request, you will be asked to share your information including investor’s data. When that has received a nod, the dedicated team at BodyPower will personally meet and discuss all the norms with you. After everything has been discussed and you have got a complete clarity on everything, you will be asked to proceed with the Franchisee Payment and Agreement.

Can existing gym owners apply for this pack or this is only for new setup?

On BodyPower’s discretion, an owner can convert his existing gym into a BodyPower Franchisee.

What is the future of BodyPower Gym and BodyPower Studio? How does it impact the gym owners?

BodyPower is an acclaimed fitness, wellness and health brand. It took just a couple of years for this brand to reach the international realms and today, it enjoys a global status. It is the biggest consumer fitness event in Europe as well as the biggest fitness trade exhibition in India. They have transformed the health and fitness sector both domestically and internationally. It has flourished immensely in the past few years and still has a phenomenal scope.

By becoming a BodyPower Franchisee you get the following benefits

  • Brand Association with Asia’s biggest and fastest growing Fitness Company
  • Operation, Management and Marketing support from the BodyPower team
  • Benefits in terms of Gym Equipment purchase

By becoming a franchisee you get to become an important member of the BodyPower team. The root of BodyPower’s success depends on the dedication and commitment of its stakeholders and employees. They are very selective in choosing who they share their experience with and this makes your franchisee as exclusive as them.

Here is a look at BodyPower Studio in UK.

What is the benefit to the users/customers?

Your customers or users would get an array of benefits:

  • Ability to provide the highest levels of customer service
  • Training and Personal Development
  • Strong  skills
  • Commitment to developing people
  • Strong brand
  • Proven management capabilities
  • High personal integrity
  • Privacy and confidentiality

By becoming a BodyPower Gym/Studio Franchisee you would get recognition as a brand. Your services and products would get more recognition. This would also reinforce the faith between you and your members. A BodyPower Franchise is a one-time investment with a lifetime of benefits for you and your members. So go for it!

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