How does pre workout supplement work

What is a pre-workout supplement?

A supplement taken 30-40 minutes, within the 1 hour critical window before workout, to enrich the body with all the required nutrients and enhance the performance, is known as a pre-workout supplement. When people are serious about their time and hard work they spend in gym, they tend to focus on all the required parameters. Loading your body with necessary nutrition prior to the workout is very important thus pre-workout supplements are considered seriously these days.

Types of pre-workout supplements

Pre-workout shakes are available in different varieties to meet various needs. Some people are caffeine intolerant, for them there is a caffeine free pre-workout available, “Neon Sport Volt”. On the other side there are some people who are into their cutting stage (weight loss regime) and don’t want Creatine in their supplement, for them there are pre-workouts like Cellucor NO Extremeand “Universal Nutrition’s Animal Rage”

Are Pre Workout Supplements Necessary ?

This supplement has acquired a great level of belief in the muscle gaining community of gym goers. People have started believing in this supplement but still there are many professional bodybuilders around the country who are found not using any such supplements but they still have unbelievable muscle mass and strength. There are many fitness-freaks who just following natural diet plan to obtain all the required elements and nutrients for their gym regime and they are found improving every year.

It is really not required if you can feed your body with good nutrition, love doing exercise at the gym and you are highly motivation to achieve your fitness goal. Some people are now so much addicted to pre-workout supplements that they don’t use it because of its great nutritional profile and advantages on the body but because they want to feel the “kick” and that urge to lift weights which comes after consuming Pre-workout drink. It has now become an addiction in some people and they just cannot workout without it.

Key Ingredients and how they work

The sole purpose of the pre-workout is to promote nutrition for strength, Stamina and pump, enabling the person put his 100% effort in the time spend in the gym. Pre-workout shakes generally have the following ingredients which have great role in enhancing the performance and give best result to the user.

  • Creatine (for strength):

Creatine Sources

Both Pork and Beef are rich in Creatine, but these days people mostly rely on the supplements for its pre-workout and post workout doses. Often consumed separately before workout, Creatine fills body with great energy and strength which can be observed when an exercise is performed by the user. Because of its great strength enhancing properties it is highly used and recommended in Pre-workout shakes. It promotes the muscular energy cycle and improves strength which boosts performance especially when one is into heavier lifts for fewer reps.

  • Caffeine (for Focus):

Caffine Source in PreWorkout

Everybody knows about the “Kick” which a hot cup of coffee can give. It is because of the presence of caffeine in it. Caffeine not only improves concentration, focus, mood and alertness, it is also helpful in the development of endurance in a person. Of course there are some pre-workout supplements without caffeine available these days but supplements with caffeine are just outstanding. In various studies it has already proved itself to dramatically increase the performance and stamina in people when they consumed it regularly before their workouts.

  • L-Arginine (better blood flow):

L-Arginine Source in PreWorkout Supplements

One large cooked turkey breast has 16 grams L-Arginine (approximately). When you consume L-Arginine it goes into the body and gets converted into Nitric Oxide. This nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to open wider which in turn improves the blood circulation in them and enhance the performance in the gym. It also stimulates the release of growth hormone and insulin. This is the reason why almost every pre-workout contains some or more part of L-Arginine. L-Arginine is also helpful in muscle recovery, better immune health and also relaxes the arteries.

  • Beta-Alanine (for Pump):

Beta-Alanine Source in PreWorkout

Turkey is one of the best sources for Beta-Alanine. It contains 5 grams (approx) in 1 cup cooked turkey. “Muscle Pump” is sometimes a primary goal while performing a specific workout for a particular body part. Beta-Alanine contributes in “Forceful contraction of muscles” while performing an exercise. The “Squeeze” effect required to really bring the maximum utility of the muscle is necessary for its growth just like the stretch is important while performing an exercise. This flex or squeeze improves when you consume Beta-Alanine before workout. Apart from this it improves the anaerobic output and reduces fatigue. It enhances power and strength; one may feel the tingly or the itchy feeling around lips or on the forehead which is a sign or richness of the product in the pre-workout.

  • Betaine-Anhydrous (for better oxygen consumption):

Betaine-Anhydrous in PreWorkout

Richly available in foods like beets, grain and spinach, beta Anhydrous have great properties which makes it a must required element of a pre-workout supplement. Our muscles use oxygen while performing and exercise; this denotes how well we perform in a given exercise. Betaine-Anhydrous increases the rate at which muscles use oxygen giving us an improvement in strength by 25% according to recent research studies. It improves the capacity of work that can be done and also helps in reducing fat percentage.

  • Energy boosters (Tyrosin and Taurine):

Tyrosin and Taurine in PreWorkout

Both Taurine and Tyrosin are richly available in milk products. These energy boosters improve focus and mind-full exercise in the gym. They promote a condition where the heart pump more blood into the muscles and this helps in the increase of muscle endurance by almost 40%. More blood means better pump. These energy boosters also help in the production of neurotransmitters and important hormones in the body.


One may think that some or more of the above ingredients of pre-workout are already a part of their normal diet and they doesn’t have to spend money on buying pre-workout drinks but it is really hard to actually measure and calculate and organize the right quantity and quality of each substance for better performance in the gym.

When all the elements are put together they work in the best way and can really help you achieve your fitness goal faster. However one side effect that we have to mention over here is, you may get some trouble with the sleep at the initial stage when you start consuming pre-workout. It will get well with time.

Sop next time you want to hit the gym with 100% effort and enthusiasm try a pre-workout shot. You will feel the difference.

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