Kai Greene Launches Dynamik Muscles Supplements

Kai Green Dynamik MusclesKai Greene was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. In 2011 he surprised the world with his amazing physique when was placed 3rd in Mr. Olympia competition. After this there was no turning back and he was first runner up at 2012, 2013 and 2014 Mr. Olympia competition. However, this year [2015] he has been banned from participating in Mr. Olympia competition because of unknown reasons.

His documentary named “Generation Iron” was released in 2013. After the release his fan base increased and he became real people’s champion.  He has lot of fans worldwide because of his knowledge and dedication to the sport. He is best known for his massive back muscles. He believes in mind muscle connection.

Kai Greene started his journey from a young upcoming bodybuilder, and moved all the way up to become a champion of this sport and inspiration to many. During his tenure as a professional bodybuilder he was ambassador for few brands. But overall he has endorsed very few brands as compared to other bodybuilders of his level. Musclemeds was his sponsor for many years. He left the company and started his own supplement line named “Dynamik Muscles”. For Kai Greene Dynamik Muscles not only gives him opportunity to explore the business of bodybuilding and giving his name to a product but also it’s a way for him to give back to the bodybuilding community which has given him everything i.e. fame and recognition.

According to latest reports Dynamik Muscles products are now available for sale from 18th Sept 2015. The products claim to be high quality products and different from other supplements in the market. Compared to other supplements Kai wants Dynamik Muscles to be transparent as far as ingredients dosing is concerned. They want to be truthful to their customers i.e. they don’t want to hide anything from the customers as far as ingredients of the supplements are concerned. For e.g. some supplement companies put fillers in the product and fake protein content through the use of proprietary blends. Dynamik Muscle’s products have no intentions of using such cheap tactics. Currently they have 4 supplements and will add more products in mid 2016.

Following is the list of Dynamik Muscle’s products:

  1. Dynamik Muscle’s EVISCERATE.
  2. Dynamik Muscle’s SAVAGE ROAR Intimidating Pre-Workout Formula.
  3. Dynamik Muscle’s GAMMA-RAY Photonic Pump Formula.
  4. Dynamik Muscle’s WARBRINGER Tactical Testosterone Booster.
  1. Dynamik Muscle’s EVISCERATE:

Dynamik Muscle’s EVISCERATE
This is a fat burner product of the Dynamic series, There are already many fat burners in the market and all of them claim to  induce thermogenesis, increase metabolism and suppress appetite. But the important factor to consider in Fat burner is that it should be effective, safe and 100% natural i.e. which has natural fat burning ingredients. Dynamik Muscle’s EVISCERATE claims to be 100% herbal and compared to other fat burners it speeds metabolism and burns fat faster. It increases core body temperature and burns more calories during workout. It gives energy during workout when one is on a low carbohydrate diet or calorie restricted diet.

  1. Dynamik Muscle’s SAVAGE ROAR Intimidating Pre-Workout Formula:

Dynamik Muscle’s SAVAGE ROAR Intimidating Pre-Workout Formula
A preworkout drink gives energy during the workout which also allows us to stay at gym for longer duration. Dynamik Muscle’s SAVAGE ROAR is a high energy preworkout supplement. It has standard blend of preworkout ingredients. An average gym member needs high energy after a tiring day and this supplement promises to do that. All serious athletes should have this supplement before heavy workout. It gives energy to push harder in the gym. It is better digested and also not hard on stomach.

  1. Dynamik Muscle’s GAMMA-RAY Photonic Pump Formula:

Dynamik Muscle’s GAMMA-RAY Photonic Pump Formula
Dynamik Muscle’s GAMMA-RAY is also a preworkout supplement which is stacked with Dynamik Muscle’s SAVAGE ROAR. It contains one ingredient called Epicatechin which allows for a steady increase in muscle mass. It has vasodilating properties which mean it increases the blood flow to the working muscles and gives it a pump. Body builders have huge pumped up muscles because they have vasodilating ability. This supplement is a vasodilator and it gives an opportunity to average gym member to increase muscle mass and look pumped up.

  1. Dynamik Muscle’s WARBRINGER Tactical Testosterone Booster:

Kai Greene Dynamik Muscle’s WARBRINGER Tactical Testosterone Booster
Dynamik Muscle’s WARBRINGER is a testosterone boosting supplement. It gives boost to testosterone hormone which is primary muscle building hormone in human body. Generally after the age of 30 the level of testosterone decreases in men which impacts their strength, endurance and stamina and also leads to muscle loss. Dynamik Muscle’s WARBRINGER has advanced scientifically researched ingredients which increases testosterone naturally in men. By having this supplement it will give men above 30 years the desired look, strength and stamina which is necessary for muscle building.

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