Weider Supplements Launched in India

Weider is probably the most trusted name in the world of bodybuilding. After all, behind it is the philosophy of the man who made bodybuilding what it is today. Joe Weider, the founder of Mr. Olympics and the master blaster behind many legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger set down the path for Weider supplements. Since the past 80+ years, the Weider group has been enhancing the health and fitness landscape all across the globe. The brand is house to some of the most outstanding products in the segment and is highly trusted by the professionals. The supreme quality of its product comes from being manufactured under strictest supervision at state-of-the-art facility in the USA. The supplements are shipped from here to all across the globe thus ensuring consistency and authenticity of the formulations.

joe-weider-supplementsHowever, this pros became the biggest con for the health lovers in India. Being manufactured in the USA, it became difficult to have these products in India. Even if you tried to order it from overseas markets, the price, currency conversions and import duties caused a big dent in the pocket. But now the makers of the finest range of supplements have assessed the potential this market has and have finally decided to bring its range officially to India. Yes, you read it right. Weider has now landed in India to make your health goals more achievable.

A brand as big as Weider needed an equally big platform to make an entry and this was provided by one of the nation’s biggest bodybuilding event – IHFF Sheru Classic. The last edition of this mega event was held in July 2018 in Pragati Maidan, Delhi. At this three day event (21, 22 and 23 July), Weider was officially launched in India. The Indian website weiderindia.com is already live announcing the launch and listing all their supreme products. Weider, has kick started its Indian journey by putting only a handful of products from its exhaustive range (for now). Products currently made available include Weider Weight Gainer, Weider Mass Builder, Weider Mega Mass 4000, Weider Premium Whey, Weider Premium BCAA, Weider CFM Whey Protein and Weider Gold Whey.

More products can be expected to be added and soon you should have the entire exhaustive range on display in India. Weider range includes an array of supplements including whey proteins, fat burners, amino acids, creatine, weight gainers, special sports nutrition and even wellness products. You can expect all these to reach you in a couple of months through the new website weiderindia.com. You may soon find Weider on leading e-commerce platforms too.

It needs to be noted though that the website, as of now, is not accepting orders. The brand has landed in the country and it might take some time to set up its base and take position for a fierce competition it would face in the India where price tags make a big difference. You can go to the product section on the website and submit your email address to receive alerts when the brand is ready to process orders. You can check out their range here weiderindia.com/shopping.

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