Top 10 Best Fitness Tracker In India

We all do numerous things to keep ourselves on the healthy track. We run, jog, exercise, we try to get a healthy sleep but just how well are we doing it? How should we know how effective our efforts are? Is there a way to know how much we progress on a day to day basis? Well, of course there is. As technology developed and refined over the years, scientists began applying it to the field of health and fitness. This gave us a series of gadgets that could do what was earlier impossible like live time tracking of bodily activities. Activity Trackers, as these gadgets are rightfully called, are compact pieces of technology that let you read and record your daily activities from a health perspective. With crucial information at your disposable on a daily basis, you are bound to reach your health goals better and faster. We will today tell you about 10 best activity trackers in India that will improve the overall efficiency of your health regimen.

What all can be tracked?

Almost all the activity trackers help you to monitor the essentials of your routine i.e. the steps that you took, distance and speed. With an advanced activity tracker, you can also track your heart rate, sleep pattern and quality, calorie burn etc. Nowadays, some super hi-tech activity trackers also act as the notification screen of your phone. They notify you on incoming calls, missed calls, messages arrived etc.

What to look for in an activity tracker?

Design: Activity trackers are available as watches and band. While choosing a tracker see what design would you prefer. Activity tracking watches usually look like digital watches. Activity tracking bands are like screen embedded thick bracelets and add to the style statement amazingly. They are more popular as compared to watch types.

Features: Understand what your needs are. If weight loss is your goal, then you need features like step count and calorie burn the most. If you are a sprinter or cyclist then you need features like distance, speed and heart rate monitor. You would also need access to weekly or monthly data to evaluate your performance.  Based on your requirement, you should make a choice.

Cost: Popular brands like Puma, Adidas, Nike, and Polar have some really cool activity trackers but they for sure cost you a bomb. Those who can shell out an amount of Rs 10000 to Rs. 20000 solely for tracking activities can purchase these international best-sellers. However, most of us who are always a little tight on the budget need more economical options. Hence, you need to tally price v/s features.

We save you the hassle of going through the painstaking task of checking online catalogs for a suitable tracker. Here is the list of top 10 activity trackers in India that offer amazing features at reasonable prices.

Product DescriptionEditors ViewScore


This activity wristband is a feature loaded presentation from EVAAMA. The band is sleek, stylish and has a very trendy look to it. It is bound to fulfill all ...

Very Good

This is a very good product. The band is sleek, stylish and has a very trendy look to it. It is bound to fulfill all that you expect from an activity tracker.
2 Jawbone UP MOVE

Jawbone UP MOVE

This is a very interesting presentation from Jawbone and is a very innovatively designed activity tracker. With some amazing add-on features, this emerges ...


Jawbone Move UP is a very good fitness tracker. The design is very different from all the other trackers in the market. It also provides some unique features.
Rs. 3,999 Rs. 4,999 Get Details
3 OPTA SW-020 Fitness Tracker Price List

OPTA SW-020 Fitness Tracker Price List

Make your way to your health goals with this stylish activity tracking band. OPTA has loaded this product with some super useful add-ons too to make this ...


Its a nice product with lots of features supported. considering the features available its also very cost effective
Rs. 2,374 Rs. 5,999 Get Details
4 NoWhereElse ID107

NoWhereElse ID107

NoWhereElse activity tracker is a sleek looking wristband with a flat broad screen to give it a stylish edge. Technology: The wristband uses Nordic nRF51822 ...


Its a good fitness tracker in this price and feature range. The design is nice and sleek with a flat screen which shows ample information.
Rs. 2,279 Rs. 6,999 Get Details
5 GOQii


Design: The activity tracker is an elastomer based wristband that is comfortable to wear and sturdy. The display is through an OLED screen that displays time ...


GOQii is one of the most impressive firms that have emerged as a promoter of health and fitness through daily tracking. Its tracker comes with a 3 months (Rs 1999), 6 months (Rs 2999) and 12 months (Rs 3999) personal fitness coaching adding more value to your fitness regimen.
Rs. 3,900 Get Details
6 Portronics L028 Yogg

Portronics L028 Yogg

Design: The wristband connects with the smart devices through Bluetooth 4.0. The display is via an OLED screen of 0.9 inches. The band is made out of Silicone ...


Portronics Yogg is a stylish looking band that serves as an activity tracker. It has pretty much everything that you need to meet your fitness goals.
Rs. 1,397 Rs. 1,499 Get Details
7 HealthSense PD-102 Review

HealthSense PD-102 Review

This gadget is a mind blowing blend of design simplicity and performance efficiency. PD 102 is a watch based pedometer which is of immense value for people who ...


HealthSense PD-102 is a good device to track your fitness. However it lacks in features an design.
Rs. 1,294 Rs. 3,200 Get Details
8 CURIOCITY Smart Band


Technology: The tracker is programmed using the Nordic nRF51822 chip. It connects with your phone through Bluetooth 4.0. The device gives you the accuracy of ...


This wristband comes with all the features that are required to make your health routine more manageable and achievable.
Rs. 1,999 Get Details
9 Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash

Design: The activity tracker gives you two options to wear it as – watch or clip-on. You can clip on the device to your dress, pocket, bag strap etc. or wear ...


Misfit has a vibrant collection of activity trackers that are super cool looking and efficient. They add to your personality no matter where you go.
10 AMZER FitZer Ka


Design: The band comes in 3 cool colors (Blue, Black and Pink) with a 1.5 inch OLED display that is dust and water resistant. The shape of the screen and its ...


Its a nice fitness band to track your activities and does a decent job. But considering the price point and what other products are offering, this is just an average product.
Rs. 1,499 Rs. 2,999 Get Details
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