Top 10 Best Kettlebells in India – Review and Ranking

Kettlebell is a fitness workout equipment that is basically a iron ball with a handle. This product is quicky gaining popularity in India. The advantage of kettlebell is that there are lots of workout routines designed around this equipment which can be used both by newbie as well as fitness experts. It helps you to improve full body strength.Cross-fit has played a major role in the popularity of kettlebells. Therefore now a days kettlebells are commonly available in most of the standard gyms in India. kettlebell is also an excellent equipment for working out at home. It enables you to carry out extensive range of motion covering most part of your body.

Team Indian Bodybuilding will help you make a informed decision on buying a kettlebells. We have carried out extensive research on major kettlebells products available in Indian market. All the kettlebell products are reviews and ranked based on the following criteria

  • Grip : Handle grip plays the most important role in selection of kettlebells. The handle grip of the kettlebell should be good as you will be doing lots of motion workout and you don’t want it to slip from your hand
  • Diameter : Handle Diameter is also important criteria as it affects your grip. Ideally the diameter should be between 30 to 38 mm.
  • Handle Width : Width of the handle is important, as this will enable you to hold the kettlebell with both the hands comfortably.
  • Quality of the Product : Quality of the product should be good ad durable.
  • Value for Money: Finally the product should be value for money and should not burn a hole in your wallet.

So we have done all the hard work to help you choose and buy the best kettlebell in India. Here is our list of top 10 kettlebels.


Editor choice Physique Kettlebell Review

Physique Kettlebell Review

Our extensive research and findings say that Physique Kettlebell is the best product currently available in India. Its a good buy both for newbies and experienced trainers.

Editor choice 2 Reebok Kettlebell Review

Reebok Kettlebell Review

Quality product from reputed brand - Rebook. Easy to handle, quality product finishing make it a good buy. The look of this kettlebell is also appealing.

3 Burn Rubber Kettlebell Reviews

Burn Rubber Kettlebell Reviews

This is a decent product and meets all the requirement of a good kettlebells. The manufacturer can improve on the base of the product. You can try out this product.

4 USI Kettlebell Review

USI Kettlebell Review

This product from USI Universal is of decent quality . It may not last as long as other kettlebells in the same category. It does give a good grip and stability.

5 Domyos Kettlebell Details

Domyos Kettlebell Details

Kettlebell is of good quality and comes in a wide range of weights. The handle grip can get slippery at times and would need extra caution during swing movements.

6 Co-Fit Half Neoprene Kettlebell Detailed Review

Co-Fit Half Neoprene Kettlebell Detailed Review

Descent product by Co-Fit, but we recommend that you check out other products in similar category before you make the buying decision.

8 Lonsdale Kettlebell Review and Ranking

Lonsdale Kettlebell Review and Ranking

This turns out to be an average product based on the review we have got from the users. Team Indian Bodybuilding does not recommend this product.

9 Vinex Kettlebell Review

Vinex Kettlebell Review

The quality of this product is below average. The grip is not designed correctly and does not feel comfortable during the workout

10 Iron Bull Competition Kettlebell Review

Iron Bull Competition Kettlebell Review

This product is not upto the mark in quality and design and we do not recommend this to anyone. Please see all the other products in the kettlebell section.

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