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  • Form: Cookie
  • Vegetarian
  • Usage Pre-workout & Post-workout, As per Requirement, Before Bedtime
  • Protein Type: Protein Cookie
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Brand threptin
Model Number 1
Quantity 275 g
Protein Type Protein Cookie
Usage Timings Pre-workout & Post-workout, As per Requirement, Before Bedtime
Form Cookie
Dietary Preference Low Cholesterol
Composition PROTEIN
Food Preference Vegetarian

Description and Review

We are sure that the biggest worry for most of the aspiring bodybuilders is to ensure that they get their daily dose of protein. After all, what could be more important than protein for a body that is exhaustively working out to gain size? But let’s agree, it is not always feasible to prepare calculated meals, to keep the house stocked with the right eatables and carry those protein shakes around. So does that mean that you will have to compromise on your protein intake? Will you allow your diet to succumb to unhealthy food cravings? The answer is No, for now you have a delicious way to ensure that you get your daily macros without a hassle. Forget about carrying half a dozen boiled eggs and leaky shakers in your bag. Now all you need to have protein is just a few biscuits. Threptin Diskettes is probably the best protein biscuit in India aimed at making lives of people on a protein rich diet a little easier and tastier. Simply toss in a few diskettes in your bag and you are all set to enjoy delicious protein rich snack, anytime anywhere.

Why have a protein supplement biscuit?

Yes, it is true that you should fulfil your nutritional requirements from natural foods as far as possible. But ask yourself; is it always possible for you to eat healthy? Following a proper diet is a discipline that surely needs some efforts and not everyone can do it. Other than a strong determination, you need a lot of time which is sadly something that we don’t have.

We often tend to start the day on a healthy note with protein + fibre rich breakfasts. But as the day proceeds, we succumb to our palates and go on an unhealthy binge. The oily wafers, sugar loaded juices and drinks, fattening burgers, pizzas etc. The list can go on and on.

Healthy snacks are a great way to satisfy your food cravings without losing on health. ‘Healthy Snacks’ or ‘Protein Snacks’ include everything under the sun you can think of like biscuits, bars, yogurts, cookies, wafers etc. They tame the untimely hunger and also supply the much need macros to your body thus, keeping you close to your health goals.

Threptin Diskettes- Protein Supplement Biscuits

Most of the health biscuits in India focus on the fibre content instead of making it a wholesome treat. Threptin is one of those few brands that have formulated protein rich biscuits to go with any age group.

Nutritional Info: Threptin diskettes (disk shaped biscuits) are designed to act as high calorie wholesome snack that is fortified with protein and vitamin.

Protein: Threptin’s primary source of protein is casein – a protein that has high biological value. Being a class 1 protein, it is easily and almost entirely absorbed by the body. Every 100 gram gives you 30 grams of protein. The product is Gluten Free.

Vitamin: The biscuits have been fortified with Vitamin B Group members namely Nicotinamide (B3), Riboflavin (B2), Thiamine Hydrochloride (B1). These vitamins play a crucial role in many metabolic processes within the body.

Carbohydrate: The biscuits are high in carbs most of which is derived from its sugar content – sucrose. The product aims at being a ‘high calorie’ supplement and it seems a major chunk of the calories is coming in from the carbs.

Fat: The product has 14 grams of fat however is free from cholesterol and unhealthy trans-fat.

Additives: The product contains permitted natural colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, and emulsifiers.

Here is the nutritional profile per 100 grams in a glance:

Energy: 438 kcal

Protein: 30 grams

Carbohydrates: 48 grams

Sugar: 29.8 grams

Fat: 14 grams

Vitamin B

Nicotinamide: 14 mg

Riboflavin: 1.26 mg

Thiamine Hydrochloride: 1.06 mg


Dosage:  Threptin calls this biscuit as a ‘meal between meals’. It should be consumed whenever you get those untimely hunger calls between meals. Threptin recommends having these 4 to 5 diskettes, 2 to 3 times in a day.

Price: Threptin Diskettes are available in vanilla and chocolate flavours.

Vanilla (275 grams): Around Rs.350

Chocolate (275 grams): Around Rs 355

Who can have Threptin Protein Supplement Biscuits?

Threptin protein supplement biscuit is for everyone who is struggling to meet their nutritional requirements. Be it children, adults, older people – anyone can have it within the recommended range. These protein biscuits are ideal for lactating mothers, recovering patients, children who are weak, adults on a controlled diet, paediatrics, geriatrics etc. If you or your child is addicted to unhealthy snacks, then this is a great way to improve the eating habit.

To exercise caution, it is advisable if diabetics don’t have it due to the high sugar and calorie content. Threptin has another offering called Threptin Lite which is comparatively low in sugar. Consult your physician before starting with it. Also, if your child is too young, then consult a paediatric before getting him or her on this.

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