Iqbal Sayed

Iqbal Sayed ( also known as "The Humble Beast") is Silver Medalist at Amateur Olympia Asia 2017

Guidelines for Bodybuilding when observing fast during Ramadan


I have been receiving several texts in DM to know how bodybuilding can be continued in the month of Ramadan… so do read this, till the end and if you find it helpful, share it with your friends… Ramadan has uncountable benefits on psychological, physical and medical fronts, however as we all know if we do not deal with our …

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Diet During Off-Season By Iqbal Sayed

Guide To Off Season Diet

Bodybuilding is all about how dedicated you are towards building your body scientifically and calculating every step that brings you closer to winning. This message has been put forth in the most articulate manner by Amateur Olympia Silver Medallist, Iqbal Sayed in a one on one conversation with IBB. What differentiates a winner from an ordinary athlete is his focus …

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