All you want to know about bodybuilding nutrition and supplements

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Bodybuilding Nutrition or supplements as it is more often called are used to replace meals, enhance weight gain,muscle gain,power gain promote weight loss or improve athletic performance. Among the most widely used are vitamin supplements, protein, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), glutamine, essential fatty acids, meal replacement products, creatine, weight loss products and testosterone boosters. Most popular supplement amoung indian bodybuilders are whey proteins and ceratins.

Protein is essential for muscle growth and maintaining lean muscle mass.  Proteins are found in food like egg, chicken, milk, cheese, pulses, fish, soy etc. There are various types of proteins available. Check out protein buying guide to choose the a workout supplement for you.

Whey Protein
Whey proteins account for 20% of the protein in milk. Whey protein is a by-product in the production of cheese. whey protein is the most popular protein supplementation protein source.Its a fast digesting protein source and is low in glutamine and agrinine.

Casein Protein
Casein Protein accounts for 80% of protein in milk.I ts a slow digesting protein as compared to Whey and is very popular among weight gainer products.

Soy Protein
Soy protein is not at effective as Whey or Casein , but its of high quality. Its a fast digesting protein.

Creatine is a compound that's involved in the production of energy in the body, in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATS). Research suggests that creatine may provide some benefit in improving performance in high-intensity, short-duration activities such as weight lifting and sprinting.

The most abundant of amino acids found in the body, Glutamine (or L-Glutamine) makes up over 60 percent of the skeletal muscle tissue.

Supplements are sold either as single ingredient preparations or in the form of "stacks" - proprietary blends of various supplements marketed as offering synergistic advantages. has an exhaustive reading resource on Bodybuilding Nutrition. OnLine stores available for shipping in india. Stores in india.