Sunit Jadhav: The Glory Road to Mr. Asia Championship 2018

Sunit Jadhav Wins Overall Mr Asia

We witnessed a history being created by Indian at the Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (ABBF) or Mr. Asia championship held between Oct. 5 & 7, 2018 in Pune. Sunit Jadhav bagged the coveted title that has eluded India for 52 years.

Overall, in this edition of the ABBF championship, 30 Asian countries participated with about 400 contestants. India won more than 15 medals — five gold, six silver, and four bronze, and Sunit Jadhav’s title win has put the icing on the cake.

This is the title (Mr. Asia) which has been eluding India and finally I made it. It is one of the happiest moments with my life and I dedicate this title to my wife who has been very supportive…Sunit Jadhav (Source: PuneMirror)

Source: SunitJadhavOfficial (

The art of bodybuilding was on display at the Balewadi sports complex where sculpted muscles made a spectacular view due to their size, symmetry, and proportions. Among all the participants, Sunit was at his best in the creativity of body sculpting. It was evident from his confidence, sharpness, and overall aesthetics. He unanimously won the judges’ verdict to win the crown.

Sunit Jadhav Mr Asia
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Jadhav being named as Mr. India is a fitting reply to the commendable way the championship was organised and this title for India is an icing on the cake for them.Mr. Datuk Paul Chua, President – ABBF

Other Achievements by Sunit Jadhav:

  • The 10th Mr. India title – March 2017, Gurgaon, India.
  • Mr. India 2016 – Gold medal in 85kg & overall champion, Roha, Raigad.
  • Mr. Maharashtra 2016 – Gold medal in 85kg. & overall champion, Kolhapur
  • Mr. Dubai Indian Championship 2016 – Overall champion, Dubai.
  • Mr. Asia 2015 – 3rd place finish in 90 kg – Bronze medal, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
  • Mr. India 2015 – 2nd place finish in 85 kg. – Silver medal, Gujarat.
  • Mr. Maharashtra Shree 2015 – Gold medal in 85kg & overall champion, Wadala, Mumbai.
  • Mr. World 2014 – 3rd place finish in 80 kg – Bronze medal, Goregaon (BEC), Mumbai.
  • Mr. India 2014 – 2nd Place finish in 80 kg. – Silver medal, Pune.
  • Mr. Maharashtra Shree 2014 – Gold medal in 80kg. & overall champion, Andheri, Mumbai.
  • Mr. Mumbai Shree 2014 – Gold medal in 80kg. & overall champion, Dadar, Mumbai.
  • IBBF Federation Cup 2014 – Overall champion – Ludhiana, Punjab.

Sunit’s Workout Routine

Sunit Jadhav

Getting prepared for a top-level bodybuilding competition requires low, moderate and high-intensity cardiovascular workout routine. An ideal workout routine along with the right diet keep Sunit Jadhav in perfect shape.

Sunit’s cardio workout routine for the first two weeks of preparation is below:

Days Workout
  • Treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike: 30 min.
  • Fast walking as well as jogging.
  • High-intensity interval training: 15/40 yards sprints. 1 minute of resting time between sprints.
  • Treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike: 30 min.
  • Fast walking as well as jogging.

~ Source:, News Website


Sunit’s post-workout meal is mentioned below. His food intake comprises:

  • Fast and slow digestive protein for muscles recovery;
  • Fast digestive carbs for glycogen refill;
  • Healthy fat to prevent catabolism in sleep, and
  • Plenty of fibers for the clear bowel movement.
Diet Benefits
Egg white For Fast digestive protein
Tuna Fish For Slow digestive protein.
Semolina For Fast digestive carbs.
Cashew, Almonds For healthy fat
Seasonal fruits For natural sugar and fibers.
Carrot For Digestive enzymes

~ Source:, News Website

Sunit also takes a lot of liquid diet as it helps in water loading carb depletion. Later, he cuts down water by half, and depends more on increasing carb. His current body measurement is — – Biceps: 23 Inches, Chest: 47 Inches, and Waist: 32 Inches.

Closing Words

After winning Mr. Asia crown, Sunit is now eyeing the Mr. World contest to be held later this year. Champions always set a new goal and never become complacent.

Sunit Jadhav Signature Pose

There is one more title left, the Mr. World and I will do my best to reach the top later this year.Sunit Jadhav

We wish all the best to Sunit for his future competitions and hope he keeps the Indian tricolour flying in the international stages.

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