Mr Olympia 2015 Results and Winners – Phil Heath Wins

Mr Olympia 2015 Results are out. Phil Heath Makes it 5 times in a Row. Yes, Phil Heath has won Mr Olympia 2015. He wins 400,000 USD as price money for Mr Olympia 2015 title.

Dexter Jackson wins the second place followed by Shawn Rhoden at third place.

Mr Olympia 2015 Winner List

1 Phil Heath
2 Dexter Jackson
3 Shawn Rhoden
4 Dennis Wolf
5 Big Rammy
6 Branch Warren
7 Rollie Winklaar
8 Willan Bonac
9 Victor

Phil Heath’s Winning Posing routine at Mr Olympia 2015

Phil Heath winning Speech:

Top 4 Comparison Video

Latest News – Kai Green is not participating in this years Mr Olympia. check the full article here

Story So far..

This year the competition is going to be very tough. There will be Phil Heath (current 4 times Mr Olympia) who will be defending the title for 5th consecutive year. Then there is Kai Greene, who is been chasing Phil for the last 3 years. The Phil-Kai rivalry is very well known. Last year itself many people though that it was anyone’s title when both were compared side by side. After the event we saw lots of comparison pictures on the internet trying to justify why the title went to Phil Heath.

Phil Heath vs Kai Green Mr Olympia 2015

When the Mr Olympia results were finally declared, Many fans for Kai Greene were disappointed as they felt that he was better that Phil on the stage and should have got the Mr Olympia 2014 title. Even we wrote an article to do the comparison here. Some even said that Phil may have wont the title but Kai Greene was people’s Mr Olympia. Now, knowing Kai Green’s attitude of never giving up, we are sure he is going to come back stronger this year.

Phil Heath vs Big Ramy
Another name that surprised everyone was Mamdouh Elssbiay – the beast from Egypt, popularly known as “Big Rammy”. He came on stage with monster size and left everyone amazed. If we just go by sheer size, then he was the biggest bodybuilder on the stage. However during close comparison everyone realized that he lacked muscle thickness and definition and has a long way to go. However, many believe that he has improved on his weakness this time and will give tough time to all the other competitors. Apart from these we have, Dexter Jackson who has won Mr Olympia once and would like to win it again. Victor Martinez always put up and strong challenge. It would be very interesting to know how the competition goes this year.

Here is a list of all the competitors for Mr Olympia 2015.

Bodybuilder Country
 Fouad Abiad Canada
 Mohamad Ali Bannout Lebanon
 William Bonac Netherlands
 Maxx Charles USA
 Justin Compton USA
 Brandon Curry USA
 Jonathan Delarosa USA
 Mamdouh Elssbiay Egypt
 Kai Greene USA
 Phil Heath USA
 Dexter Jackson USA
 Johnnie Jackson USA
 Abdelaziz Jellali Morocco
 Steve Kuclo USA
 Michael Lockett USA
 Victor Martinez Dominican Republic
 Cedric McMillan USA
 Dallas McCarver USA
 Juan Morel USA
 Essa Obaid UAE
 Robert Piotrkowicz Poland
 Shawn Rhoden USA
 Ronny Rockel Germany
 Brad Rowe USA
 Fred Smalls USA
 Branch Warren USA
 Roelly  Winklaar Curacao
 Dennis Wolf Germany

Stay tuned and keep checking this page for Mr Olympia 2015 results.

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