Maharashtra Shree 2017 Results – Sunit Jadhav Wins Making It 4 In A Row

IBBF Maharashtra Shree 2017 held on 26th Feb 2017 was a grand success. It was organised by Praboddh Davkharey’s NITRRO fitness together with Maharashtra Body Builders Association. It witnessed huge crowd which came in to watch the battle for the title. Several other prominent athletes also showed up at the event including Suhas Khamkar, Sangram Chougule, Kiran Patil, Shweta Rathore. Film star and India’s Fitness icon Sahil Khan was also at the event.

Audience at the event

Sunit Jadhav of Mumbai won the overall title of Maharashtra Shree 2017. This is the 4th time in a row that Sunit has won Maharashtra Shree and he is also the current Mr India.

Nilesh Bomble won the Mens Physique category closely followed by Manoj Patil who was the runner up. Varsha Bhagchandani won the Women’s Bodybuilding category. Mahendra Chavan won the most improved bodybuilder award.

Complete Results:

Mens BodyBuilding
55 Kg Category:
1. Sandesh Sakpal (suburb),
2. Nitin sigavan (suburb),
3. Devchandra Gaude (Bombay),
4. Jitendra Patil (Mumbai),
5. Sandeep Tivade (Pune).


60 Kg Category:
1. Nitin Mhatre (Thane West),
2. Rama Mayanak (Satara),
3. Roshan Tatkare (West Station),
4. Umesh Gupta (suburb),
5. HarshadKate (Pune).


65 Kg Category:
1. Fiazan Sheikh (Satara),
2. Bappan Das (suburb),
3. Pradeep jhore (Mumbai),
4. Mandar Sawant (Mumbai),
5. Siddhesh dhanavade (suburb).


70 Kg Category:
1. Pratik Panchal (suburb),
2. Srinivas Waske (Pune),
3. Vilas Ghadavale (suburb),
4. Manish Sasane (Pune),
5. Vikas Sakpal (Bombay).


75 Kg Category:
1. Santosh bharanakar (Mumbai),
2. Rohan Gurav (Mumbai),
3. Somnath Jagdale (Satara),
4. Sushil murakar (suburb),
5. Imtiaz Nazir (Ahmednagar)


80Kg Category:
1. Sagar Katurde (Mumbai),
2. Sushant ranjanakar (Mumbai),
3. S pumbhara (West Station),
4. Swapnil mandavakar (suburb),
5. S Chopade (Pune).

85 Kg Category:
1. Sujan pilanakara (suburb),
2. Sikander Singh (suburb),
3. Sandesh Nalvade (Pune),
4. Krishna Kadam (Pune),
5. Amit malavade (Satara).


90 Kg + Category:

1. Sunil Jadhav (Mumbai),
2. Arun Nevarekar (suburb),
3. Jayawant Pardhe (Nashik),
4. Tejas Gole (New Mumbai),
5. Sanket langarakar (Kolhapur).


95 Kg+ Category:
1. Mahendra Chavan (Pune),
2. Atul ambre (Mumbai),
3. Zuber Shaikh (Pune),
4. Nilesh dagade (suburb),
5. sridip Gaude (Mumbai).


Mens Sports Physique:
1. Nilesh bombale (Pune),
2. Manoj Patil (suburb),
3. Rohan Kadam (suburb),
4. Raj Sawant (suburb),
5. Mangesh Gaude (Mumbai).


Women’s Sports Physique:
1. Haralinga Senthi (suburb),
2. Deepali Ogle (Mumbai),
3. janhavi Pandav (Thane),
4. Kavita Nandi (Pune),
5. Monica Jain (Mumbai).

IBBF Maharashtra Shree 2017

IBBF Maharashtra Shree 2017

IBBF Maharashtra Shree 2017 will be held on 26th February at Thane. This will be the biggest bodybuilding competition in Maharashtra. Event is organised by Maharashtra Bodybuilding Association which is affiliated to Indian Body Builders Federation (IBBF). Nitro Fitness will sponsor the event this year. As part of this competition team will be selected for the 10the Senior National Body … Read More »

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