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Mr Olympia 2016 – The Biggest Bodybuiling Event Of The Year

Mr Olympia 2016 Bodybuilding Competition

The biggest bodybuilding show of the world – Mr Olympia 2016 will be held from September 15th to 18th in Las vegas, Nevada, USA.  This year’s Olympia is turning out to be very interesting. Phil Heath the current Mr Olympia will be competing to make it for the 6 times. Kai Green will be looking get this first Mr Olympia title ( If he competes). The is a suspense weather this year he is compete or not. He has not yet signed the application for Mr Olympia 2016. Last year was a big drama when at the last week he was not allowed to compete (according to Kai). Later we came to know that Kai did not sign the contract because of some disconnect with the organizer related to his supplement brand Dynamik Supplement. We hope that he competes this year which will make the competition very tough for Phil.

Another interesting turn of event was when Kevin Levrone announced that he will be making a comeback at this Mr Olympia. This was a big surprise because he has not been training (competitively) for last 10 years. Here is a story we covered on his comeback.

Kevin Levrone To Make A Come Back At Mr Olympia 2016, Threat to Phil Heath ?

With Kevin’s entry things have become very interesting. Kevin as a big fan following with him that would love to see him on stage and win the title. Kai also may compete and make this very interesting olympia.

Below is the list of athletes that have qualified for Mr Olympia 2016

Bonac, William Netherlands
DeAsha, Nathan United Kingdom
Elssbiay, Mamdouh Egypt
Greene, Kai USA
Heath, Phil USA
Jackson, Dexter USA
Kuclo, Steve USA
Lenartowicz, Josh Australia
Levrone, Kevin USA
Martinez, Victor Dominican Republic
McCarver, Dallas USA
McMillan, Cedric USA
Osladil, Lukas Czech Republic
Pakulski, Ben Canada
Rhoden, Shawn USA
Williams, Akim USA
Winklaar, Roelly Curacao
Wolf, Dennis Germany


Athletes that are qualified for Fitness Olympia

Aguiar, Marta Uruguay
Capes, Myriam Canada
Da Silva, Regiane Germany
Grishina, Oksana Russia
Harris, Fiona Canada
Johnson, Tanji USA
Khadr, Ariel USA
Matthews, Dominique Canada
Sizemore, Rebecca USA
Wagner, Bethany USA

Athletes that are qualified for Figure Olympia

Alander, Kati Finland
Ard, Sara USA
Baeza Diaz, Maria Luisa Finland
Campbell, Brittany USA
Carpenter, Cassandra USA
DeLaRosa, Swann USA
Gillon, Cydney USA
Grau, Karina Paraguay
Hammermeister, Stephanie USA
Hudson-Harris, Carolyn USA
Ivusic, Ivana USA
Keene, Candice USA
Lewis-Carter, Candice USA
Mallet, Vera USA
Ondrejovicova, Adela Slovakia
Padilla, Jessica Reyes Puerto Rico
Rodriguez-McClure, Camala USA
Rogers, Myra New Zealand
Romero, Sandra Grajales Mexico
Starling-Horrell, Carly USA
Strobo, Gennifer USA
Sweeney, Sarah USA
Taylor, Jennifer USA
Watts, Latorya USA
Wilkins, Nicole USA
Woodward, Christina USA
Wyatt, Nadia USA

Athletes qualified for bikini Olympia 2016

Alexnader, Noy USA
Alexander, Stacey USA
Ammirato, Valeria Germany
Assria, Narmin USA
Back, Sara Finland
Baker, Cori USA
Basulado, Romina Argentina
Benoit, Cynthia Canada
Berry, Bianca USA
Brown, Sarah James USA
Carreon, Iveth Mexico
Counts, Vicki USA
Debique, Tatiana USA
DeLuca, Lacey USA
Germeroth, Alyssa USA
Gnarr, Margret Iceland
Gonzalez, Karene USA
Jean, Ruth USA
Kaltwasser, Ashley USA
King, Courtney USA
Layug, Janet USA
Martin, Sheena Jayne New Zealand
Maleton, Dayna USA
Martinez, Breena USA
Nabi, Egle Eller Estonia
Nguyen, Mylien USA
Paulino, India USA
Radulic, Catherine USA
Ronzitti, Jennifer USA
Ross, Nina United Kingdom
Shokhina, Ekaterina Russia
Sylvia, Michelle USA
Taylor, Brittany USA
Teixeira, Angelica USA
Urrea, Tiffany USA
Wiser, Whitney USA

Athletes qualified for 212 category in Mr Olympia 2016

Akbarniya, Babak Iran
Al Haddad, Sami Bahrain
Ashkanani, Ahmad Kuwait
Cambronero, Alex Costa Rica
Cisternino, Gaetano USA
Correa, Eduardo Brazil
Delev, Dobromir Bulgaria
Dixon, Charles USA
Dugdale, Mark USA
Henry, David USA
Koritensky, Vojtech Czech Republic
Lewis, Flex Swansea, Wales
Raymond, Josev USA
Yamagishi, Hidetada Japan

Athletes Qualified for Womens Physique

Aycock, Michaela USA
Brown, Dianne USA
Coppett, Tycie USA
Downie, Antoinette Barbados
Faulls, Gloria USA
Freitas, Anne Luise Brazil
Gaines, Jessica USA
Grace, Heather USA
Grant, Shanique USA
Hadley, Asha USA
Harte, Rosanna United Kingdom
Henton, Sheronica USA
Joseph, Rasela USA
Judd-Adams, Candrea USA
Malacarne, Juliana Brazil
Mendez, Frances USA
Neuman, Kira USA
Njegovec, Branka Croatia
O’Brien, Mindi Canada
Pearo, Melissa USA
Pinder, Jamie Nicole USA
Reardon, Danielle USA
Reed, Erika USA
Robinson, Jennifer USA
Smith, Susan Marie USA
Swansen, Autumn USA

Atheltes Qualified for Mens Physique Category this year

Acton, Matthew USA
Ahadi, Fawad New Zealand
Antipov, Anton USA
Balan, Mike USA
Balabis, Dean USA
Baptiste, Ryan John United Kingdom
Brown, George USA
Buendia, Jeremy USA
Coleman, Jeremy USA
Crowe, Scott New Zealand
Ferguson, Andre USA
Ferguson, Michael USA
Flowers, Ernest USA
Franco, Felipe Brazil
Fulgham, Patrick USA
Gabriel, Jeph USA
Goodrich, Jared USA
Gusev, Denis Russia
Hadzovic, Sadik USA
Hendrickson, Brandon USA
Hooper, Otis USA
Hurst, James USA
Lee, Joseph USA
Montenegro, Diogo Brazil
Naidu, Freddy USA
Poston, Jason USA
Potvin, Jeremy USA
Saffaie, Ayra USA
Savoie, Chase USA
Seid, Jeff USA
Spencer, Kai USA
Terry, Ryan United Kingdom
Woodward, Tory USA


Athletes Qualified for Classic Physique Category

Ansley, Breon USA
Bautista, Omar USA
Caldwell, R.D. USA
Charles, Darrem Trinidad
Hadzovic, Sadik USA
Hester, Danny USA
Higa, Shavis USA
McQuay, Stan USA
Pattison, Matt USA
Rahbar, Arash USA
Ruffin, Terrence USA



15Sep - 18 2016 Mr Olympia 2016 – The Biggest Bodybuiling Event Of The Year

Event Summary

The biggest bodybuilding show of the world – Mr Olympia 2016 will be held from September 15th to 18th in Las vegas, Nevada, USA.  This year’s Olympia is turning out to be very interesting. Phil Heath the current Mr Olympia will be competing to make it for the 6 times. Kai Green will be looking …

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September 15, 2016
3 PM

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Mr Olympia LLC

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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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