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PHIL HEATH Reveals his back training secrets

Phil Heath Back Workout

Phil Heath took the bodybuilding world by storm in 2005 and 2006. Yet, amid all the praise for his various strengths—those arms, those lines, those round muscle bellies—there was always some mention of his greatest weakness: “Yeah, but can he ever get enough back size to win the Mr Olympia?” After all, the Sandow Society is the domain of Lee ... Read More »



Many years ago I read an article written by Ivan Dunbar who was a top NABBA official from Ireland. Ivan would always try his best to bring over the current, hottest physique sensations in the world so that his fellow countrymen could see them up close for themselves. He did this for many years and sometimes he would write about ... Read More »

Do you really need a vitamin D supplement


The Lancet Endocrinology study has been all over the news because of its results — that there are zero to little benefits to be gained from taking vitamin D supplements. What?! So many other studies have shown that more than 80 per cent of the population is vitamin D deficient — which is a big problem because D improves everything ... Read More »

Best Dumbbell Pressing Technique

Dumbbell Press Technique

Q: What’s the best way to perform the dumbbell bench press? A: Have an assistant hand you the dumbbells one at a time while you’re in position on a bench, especially if you’re using very heavy dumbbells. With two assistants you could receive both dumbbells at the same time. The alternative is to get the dumbbells into position by yourself. ... Read More »

How to train hamstrings for massive gains


Q: I’m having some problems getting my hamstrings to respond. My quads are growing steadily, so now my legs are not balanced. I can promise you that my form is clean and I train to failure. I generally do three sets each of lying leg curls, seated leg curls and stiff-legged deadlifts right after I finish quads. How I can ... Read More »