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How to stay Anabolic


A while back I came across a study looking at different protein feeding patterns. The researchers had one group drink 10 g of protein every 1.5 hours. Another group drank 20 g every three hours. A third group drank 40 g every six hours. All groups drank the same amount of whey protein (80 g) over the 12-hour study period. ... Read More »

Suhas Khamkar Denies Bribery Charges

Suhas Khamkar Bribe

Suhas Khamkar has denied the charges against him he said “I have nothing to do with the bribery case, I have been falsely implicated in this case. Its a conspiracy from my opponents” Suhas was arrested yesterday, accepting a bribe of Rs. 50,000 when he was working in the position of deputy toll collector of Panvel, Navi Mumbai.This action was ... Read More »

BodyBuilder Suhas Khamkar Caught Red Handed taking bribe of Rs 50000

Suhas Khamkar

India’s most popular bodybuilder Suhas Khamkar has been caught red handed accepting a bribe of Rs. 50,000. Raigad Anti Corruption bureau is involved in investigation of the matter. Suhas Khamkar has been working as the Tahsildar of Panvel, Navi Mumbai. Suhas Khamkar along with his associate Mr. Ganesh had made a demand of Rs. 60,000 as bribery for clearing a ... Read More »



Ask 100 bodybuilders which exercise they’d do if they could only do one, and 99 would tell you the squat—and the other one probably has chronic knee issues. There’s little doubt that the squat is the king of all exercises, because it adds mass to your thighs and glutes, as well as all over your body via a systemic response ... Read More »

PHIL HEATH Reveals his back training secrets

Phil Heath Back Workout

Phil Heath took the bodybuilding world by storm in 2005 and 2006. Yet, amid all the praise for his various strengths—those arms, those lines, those round muscle bellies—there was always some mention of his greatest weakness: “Yeah, but can he ever get enough back size to win the Mr Olympia?” After all, the Sandow Society is the domain of Lee ... Read More »